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January 28, 2022
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On sunday, february 24, the central match of the 27th tour of the english premier league will be held between «manchester united» and «liverpool». In the first round, a confident victory with a score of 3: 1 won «mercisaydz».

Manchester United'VS' Liverpool ': Forecast for the match February 24, 2019
Content: 1. Another test «manchester» united» sulsher2. For «liverpool» in the priority of the apple3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «manchester united» – «liverpool»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
manchester united united kingdom
liverpool united kingdom

bk “league rates”

The confrontation between these teams is known as the north-west derby. Rivalry of the two most titled clubs of the championship of england has a total of more than two hundred matches. In the last five meetings in the submarine between these teams, parity: one victory and three draws.

See match «manchester united» – «liverpool» you can on tv channels «match tv» and «match! Football 1». The start of the broadcast is scheduled for 17:00 moscow time.

Another test «manchester» united» sulcher

The team under the leadership of gunnar sulcher very powerfully started: 11 matches worthout defeats, of which 10 ended with the victories of the mj. The young norwegian specialist was able to beat the record of sir matt basby and simultaneously instilled in the hearts of fans hope for the reassembly of the former grandeur. Well done well on the side well done well of the truly well done «red devils» he helped a calendar in this matter.

According to media information, management thought about the signing of a long-term contract with sulcher (now he manages the team until the end of the season), his candidacy supported sir alex ferguson himself. Read more about it – in our separate material.

Victory nad «cardiff», «huddersfield», «bournemouth» unfortunuted confidence in the players and improved their psychology that in football one of the main foundations for victory. But now i don’t envy mj, because february and march will turn out very difficult: psg, «chelsea», «liverpool», «arsenal», «manchester city» – with some already had to face, and some are still waiting for their turn.

For «devils» and separately for their young coach this is a real test. With psg it did not work out (injuries of leading players were prevented), but with «chelsea» it happened in the best way, as thought. How will it come out with «red», for whom the victory in the apl is a priority this season, only the upcoming match and the physical readiness of players of both teams will show.

For «liverpool» in the priority of the apl

Crpp shortly before the game against «bavaria» honestly admitted that for last year’s finalist champions league this season is the main priority – apl. Fans are waiting for this victory for a quarter century, and now «mersisadets» for this there is everything you need. Yes, a certain decline in the game due to injuries of the main players led to the fact that the distance between «liverpool» and «manchester city» decreased from seven glasses to three, but the phora still remains.

The second-stage lch for the team of yurgen kloppa obviously says the result of the team at the group stage. Until the last match, the issue of exit was not resolved. Read more «validol» match s «napoli» we wrote in our separate material.

Therefore, despite the outbound character of the fight, «red» will try to act aggressively and strive for the victory that they need so. As simple as last meeting on «enfield», not sure it’s going to happen. Match s «chelsea» showed that the current mj in the absence of force majeures is able to keep the bowoally injured his opponents with counterattacks.

Forecast bookmakers on the match «manchester united» – «liverpool»

Bookmakers in the match «manchester united» – «liverpool» we predict the victory of gesests. Guests have so far lost only and hardly going to do it again. However, it im impossible to write off with accounts and «mancunians», which are also not configured to lose on their field a fundamental opponent.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Manchester united» – 3.One;
  • «Liverpool» – 2.3;
  • Draw – 3,4.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Manchester united» – 3.0;
  • «Liverpool» – 2.3;
  • Draw – 3.Five.


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