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January 28, 2022
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On monday, february 18, the match 1/8 of the cup of england was held, in which «chelsea» accepted «manchester united». The contest ended with a visitor of guests with a score of 0: 2. This defeat brings to maurizio sarry to a possible resignation until the end of the season.

Manchester United Will Cause Sarry's Dismissal

Duel 1/8 of the final of the cup of england was important for «chelsea», and for «manu united». First of all, in connection with the latest lesions of both clubs. «Blue» defeated lost «man city» and fell out of the first four, and the mj in his field almost lost the psg 0: 2. Victory in this match was supposed to show, on what really the level teams are.

In addition, before beginning of the fight in the media appeared information from any cup tournament, which takes part «chelsea» (cup of england, league cup and europa league), current mentor «pensioners» will fired. In general, the rates were high. Besides «chelsea» played on «stamford bridge» – the present citadel of the london club, on the fields of which this season were selected glasses «manchester city», «liverpool», «arsenal» and at the same mj.

But a fight began with cheerful attacks of guests, which, however, lasted long, and the owners took the ball. But «mancunians» very competently defended and were charged with a lightning counterattack, one of which led to the scored goal on the 31st minute. Paul wrapped the defender on the left flank and issued a jewelry to running by herrera – 0: 1.

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february 18, 2019.

W «chelsea», despite all control, acute moments did not arise. In addition to dual sailing romero after the strike of louis from the free and fingering, there is nothing more to remember. Against, «united» before the break managed to make an account comfortable, and again with the participation of the field, which this time made a closer to the transfer from roshford.

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— drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2)
february 18, 2019.

In the second half, mj sat in even more dense defense, which could not be broken by london footballers, despite almost humiliatingly huge possession of the ball. As a result, the match ended with the score of 0: 2 in favor «red devils», which go to the next round of the cup, where they will resist the grand thunderstorm this season – «wolverhampton».

Despite the defeat, the information about the dismissal of the italian has not yet been received. But his position is very shaky. For example, ex-forward «chelsea» chris sutton said that sarry will be fired after this fight, as they will be afraid to leave him on the final against «man city» in the league cup.

Previously, the legend of the club janfranco dzola and zingenina zidan were called. The latter, according to media reports, put two conditions under which he will agree to the transition.

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