Mariana Resort And Spa On Saipan In Search Of A New Operator

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January 30, 2023
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Kan pacific, a company that ruled mariana resort for over 40 years, a few months ago announced that he refused to lead. Imperial pacific international (ipi) will focus on the completion of the long-started construction of the imperial palace spa casino.

Mariana Resort and Spa on Saipan in Search of a New Operator

Ipi had to receive a special permit from the mariana islands lottery commission. In accordance with the casino’s license agreement, the casino can only manage five-star hotels, but since mariana resort – this is just a three-star resort, ipi license is not valid.

The permission was provided, provided that the ipi will not manage any other objects below five stars. Theraefore, to achieve agreement with the department of public lands (dpl) failed.

In the future, dpl divided property into three parts. First – this is a golf course, the second – hippodrome and the third – hotel.

After creating a special ipi unit, once again trid to get a license.

The company, according to the new rules, sent three different requests for licensing on the management of the hotel, the hippodrome and the golf course. It is expected that all requests will be considered by dpl after the hotel work is resumed. It is currently used for personnel, eliminating the consequenes of typhoon utah, wh last month hit the region.

Natural disaster also forced ipi temporarily close the hotel imperial pacific. Sipan international airport was damaged, as a result of which all air transportation, with the exception of humanitarian flights, were suspended. Whether a temporary closure will be a pretext for bankruptcy declaration due to a long-term inability to pay its employees and complete construction, unknown. However, ipi officials refute the possibility of such developments.

Recall that the game regulator of saipan island doubts the need for 2,000 hotel rooms at the imperial pacific hotel, which was discussed in an exclusive license agreement.

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