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July 11, 2022
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Marina Bay Sands Clarifies New Travel Rules

Singapore integrated resort marina bay sands issued a clarifying statement regarding new rules that must be introduced, regulating health and safety requirements for guests.

The statement contains updated rules published by the ministry of health in the past saturday, prohibiting unqualified persons enter certain enterprises, including attractions, shopping centers, shopping centers or cafes. Recommendations expanding those those already establishments are the answer to the resent surge in covidly weakened most of the restrictions in accordance with the restrictions in covida 19.

Late in the evening on thursday, mbs reported that from october 20, secure control measures (vds) differ from vaccination throughout the territory that were introduced for casino and attractions from october 13.

To enter any institution on the territory of the shoppes in marina bay sands or in the hotel, guests older than 12 will have to complete a complete vaccination by making the second vaccination at least 14 days before, curing with covid-19 and conducting real preliminary vaccination. Notification of exemption from testing (pet) or unseen, but with a valid negative pet result during their visits.

"Such an approach providing for only vds for an integrated resort will facilitate movement within marina bay sands," the company said. "Vds and safeentry checks will be carried out in hotels and shopping centers – the main points of entry in ir and also in attractions, casinos and power points.

Mbs notic its employees currently exceeded 97% thanks to an extended scheduled test program.

"This means that the staff working will take place strokes-smears with periodicity of three to seven days," said mbs.
Integrated resort having hygiene and sanitation certificates … It seeks to show vigilance on all fronts, working closely with the authorities to quickly respond and adapt to a changing situation.

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