Masvidal Supported Diaz: He Was Accused Of Using Forbidden Substances

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April 14, 2022
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The most anticipated fight of the neutumn in ufc between the neuto diaz and jorge maspal under the threat of a breakdown. The failure of neuta from participating in battle due to false accusation of prohibited substances. We understand more in the situation in our article.

Masvidal Supported Diaz: He Was Accused Of Using Forbidden Substances

Nate diaz published tweets who shocked ufc fans

On november 2, a fight for the title of the main bad organization was to take place at ufc 244. Fans froze in anticipation, bookmakers froze ready to collect rates on the outcome and we published our forecast for the upcoming meeting. More details in a separate material.

But only one tweet of nita diaz sampie. Yesterday the fighter on his page in «twitter» published an application. In it, he said that he would not participate in a duel against jorge masvidal. The reason, according to him, is that he received information about the positive doping test, which was held usada (american anti-doping agency). Sources from the organization claim that it could occur due to a spoiled food additive. At the same time, neut himself completely denies the fact that she took prohibited substances, as it uses only natural additives and does not even eat meat. Also, the fighter said that he was offered to hide the results until the end of the fight, but he did not want to want to so, because he does not want to be a fraudster. And while usada or ufc do not recognize that it is clean – in octagon he will not com out.

You all on steids not me pic.Twitter.Com / ykrzmriops

— nathan diaz (@ natediaz209)
october 24, 2019

Espn reported that their representative contacted usda and they were told that at the moment the collect information and would soon publish an official statement. Journalists also trid to contact representatives of the athletic commissioning of new york, but the did not respond to the request. However, the sources reported media that until the tweet of the fighter, they knew nothing about the positive sample. Also, sources claim that the usda was not going to remove diaz from the battle, so the solution depends entirely on the fighter.


The famous ufc observer ariel helvani writes that despite the statement of the athlete itself, there is a chance that the fight will still take place.

According to a source close to the situation, nate diaz has not been provisionally suspended at this time.

There is increased optimism this fight won’t be canceled after all, however, hurdles still remain.


— ariel helwani (@arielhelwani)
october 25, 2019

Neuta has already supported several fighters. Among them, john jones and the opponent of diaz on the ufc 244 jorge masvidal. The first suggests support. Jones said it perfectly understands that he feels diaz, as he himself was in a similar situation.

I know you feel like someone is setting you up, that’s exactly how i felt. At times its going to feel like a pretty hopeless situation but maybe it’s not, you can’t just give up and do nothing. This is a different type of fight man, you owe it to your fans to fight it.

— jon bones jones (@jonnybones)
october 24, 2019

In turn, jorge said he had no doubt that diaz was clean, and hopes that the battle will still take place:

«See you on november 2nd. I know your name is pure. I don’t need usada to tell me nonsense!»

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