Match “Zenit” – “Benfica” Yelled The Failure Of Russian Clubs In European Competitions: This Year Everything Is Very Sad

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April 25, 2022
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A game «zenith» – «benfic» crowned with a major victory of portuguese. The owners of the field managed to dominate, literally, in all game indicators, despite the fact that they almost did not have a chance of exit. How did this happen and what is the reason for the failure of russians – we explain in the article.

Match 'Zenit' - 'Benfica' yelled the failure of Russian clubs in European competitions: this year everything is very sad

«Zenith» – «benfic»: champions league 2019 and who broke down the hopes of russian fans

In portugal «zenith» went with the hope of the playoffs of the champions league, because the team had a good chance of way out. «Lyon» and «zenith» – the main competitors for the second place, on the eve of seven points on the eve of the sixth round. It meant that the russians need a victory for exit.

Having a last place with four glasses «benfika» partially written off the bills before the match. However, as a result, the portuguese from the third place went to the playoffs of the europa league, and the russians remained without the european cup spring in 2020.

In a separate material, we told in more detail about the situation of russian clubs in the europa league.

In a parallel game of group g «leipzig» and «lyon» create an effective draw. These teams and passed on, earning 11 and 8 points respectively.

Let’s try to figure out why «zenith» cracked failed in the group stage, although he had good chances of entering the playoff. Unlike moscow «lokomotiva», who was in the opponents «juventus», «atletico» from madrid i «bayer», st. Petersburg team has been noticeably easier, but more competitive.

Until the last round, intrigue persisted. But the wards seed have fallen their chance frankly.

Before the Last Round, Intrigue Was Maintained

«Zenith» arrived in portugal in order to play as much as possible, but in the end it led only to dominance «benfika». Ande defending the first time on zero, it was possible, then the catastrophe began in the second.

Already in the second minute of the second half «petertsy» missed the first goal. And on the 56th «zenit» was signed «mortal sentence». Douglas santos got a red card for the game hand. For this, the guests have appointed a penalty that successfully implemented pizza – twenty. The final feature was summed u by the auto head of the serdar azman on the 79th minute.

In our special article we analyzed the game «zenita» from «leipzig».

The wards sema were frankly bad. Just three strikes per match against 16 y «benfika» and just one hit in the target. With the control of the ball, the construction of attacks and the accuracy of the gear were also noticeable. «Benfic» managed to read actually all the tactics and steps of the players of the st. Petersburg team. Thus, spring in the champions league will again be held without the participation of russian clubs.

Earlier, we wtrote about the triumph of the russian figure skater alena kosostna in the turin finals of the grand prix.

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