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July 27, 2022
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Maximbet Launches Its First Free Game Platform

Maximbet, sports betting brand and online casino managed by carousel group in partnership with maxim male lifestyle magazine, announced the launch of their first free maximbet play platform.

The new maximbet play application developed in collaboration with the leading supplier of free splash tech games, now gives sports lovers across the country absolutely free access to games and large prizes.

To celebrate the beginning of maximbet play, maximbet launches the share of free-to-play just to one of the largest sports events of the holidays – the college cups season . Maximbet play "crystal bowl" game will encourage fans correctly predict the result of 25 games of the college bowl, which will begin on december 28, as well as some of the most popular and interesting rates on these games. The campaign will end on january 10 by the national compete for the chance to will compete for the canceo to will competeed prize fund in the amount of 10,000 us dollars.

"There is nothing better than a season of football balls in college, and this year maximbet displays everything to a new level with the launch of maximbet play and our game crystal bowl," said josh littin, maximbet product director . "Our new free app will provide a full experience of maximbet fans of student football worldwide, and the see everything their mind we see everything we can offer. Run allows our brand to cover fans in the markets on which we still do not live, as well as a wider sports community across the country ".

"Splash tech and maximbet believe that they can provide the best gaming experience," said adam wilson, splash tech general director . "We think sports lovers will agree that maximbet play is all that they were looking for a free platform. No one cares about than maximbet, and maximbet play offers the best bets on the biggest games with the coolest prizes, and absolutely free ".

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