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August 1, 2022
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Forward psg kilian mbappe set up from the team this summer and already informed the management of his decision. Read more in the main news of sports.

MBAPPE no longer believes in the PSG project

Mbappe leaves psg, neymar remains

Forward for only 22 years, but he is already one of the main stars of world football. In the 2017/2018 season, mbappe bought psg, in which he eclipsed even the brazilian neymar, but after several years kilian is ready to leave the club. Previously, he told that happy in paris, but, apparently, something has changed. This is something, most likely, – conflict of the sports director leonardo with team members. It was leonardo that caused the care of thomas tuhel, who was able to bring psg in a short time in the champions league final and conquer the medals on the internal arena. Now leonardo has a conflict and with a new coach in the face of mauricio pissolotino. Unhealthy atmosphere clearly negatively affects the desire to stay in the team and try to her.

Another possible reason was the personal interest in the mbap from the president «real» florentino peres. Kilian has long been talking about a desire to join the future «creamy», moreover, personally zinined zidan tried to persuade another 13-year-old striker to move to madrid. But at that time, the parents of the future star preferred «monaco» as a bridgehead for growth. And unequivocally – did not have fallen.


Source: instagram.Com / k.Mbappe

Another factor that could affect kilian’s decision to leave psg, was the return of karima benzema toam france nation. From the first joint matches it became clear that there is a special connection between them. Against this background, there was even a conflict in the national team, since olivier zhire stated he would almost won’t leave him when he goes to convenient positions. At the same time, statistical portals noted that mbappe realy almost did not give the gears to fat, but when benzema appeared on the field, they interact tightly. Karim benzema has already declared several times that mbappe is waiting in «real».


Source: instagram.Com / k.Mbappe

According to the spanish edition, marca, kilian told the leadership of his desire to leave the club. Before the expiration of the contract, only a year remained, and striker in no way in a hurry with its extension. It can seriously affect its transfer value. So, according to media information, psg wanted to rescue from selling a young striker about €200 million, but taking into account the short time to the end of the agreement, you will have to influence the appetites. This is just counting florentino perez, which is actively working on a decrease in the salary statement. For example, he did not extend the agreement with the captain of the club sergio ramos, which was one of the highest paid players.

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