Mbappe’S Love Triangle – Zidan – Tukhel: Today, Someone’S Heart Will Be Broken

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April 21, 2022
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Today in madrid will be held the central match of the group a between «realom» and psg. But part of the confrontation began before the game at a press conference, and she concerned the future main star parisian – kilian mbappe.

Mbappe's love triangle - Zidan - Tukhel: Today, someone's heart will be broken
Content: 1. Zidane and his love for mbappe2. Mbappe clear the heart of zidan

Zidane and his love for mbappe

Despite the importance of the upcoming fight, most of the conference time journalists dedicated the personalities of kilian mbappe. 20-year-old striker is now one of the most promising strikers in the world, and great attention has been riveted to his person. Of particular interest in it shows the coach «real» zinined zidan. Mentor «creamy» not for the first time talking about the talent of the frenchman and once even expressed the conviction that mbapp wants to play for his club.

This became the main topic of questions of journalists both to zidan and to the psg manager thomas tuhelyl. Zinenin did not give up the previously uttered compliments of the footballer. Moreover, zizu confessed to the love of mbapp, but still noted that today he is a rival to be the test «realom».

However, the journalists were no longer stopped, and when the turn of thomas tuchiel came to answer questions, it began to comment on the power of love for mbap. The german missed, saying that he was difficult for him to answer, as he does not know how much zizu is in love with the player. Also, the mentor parisman said that it happens when you fall in love with players who can not get, and, according to tuhel, mbappe just such.

However, the psg manager fully deny that this situation is angry. He considers it normal, as many people like the game of kilian, but fortunately for them, mbappe remains a player of the paris team. Thomas also mentioned that he communicated with zydan on the top coaching forum in geneva, but they did not learn about the conversations about the young forward.

About the funny situation that occurred between klopp and guardiole in the geneva forum, we wrote in a special article.

Mbappe clear the heart of zidan


Fingering zinenina zidan with mbapp perfectly reasonable. These mentor psychological games «creamy», who pursue several goals at once. First – remind forward tom team. Second – make the psg coach worry and kiliana – completely tune in for the upcoming match in lch. Buther the catch trick will work, it will become clear today. With a high probability of young kilian breaks the heart, scoring a goal «realu» at their stadium.

In a separate material, we wrote about interest «real» to mbappe and his willingness to invest €400 million in this transfer.

Previously, we reported the record of messi, who broke mbappe.

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