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January 11, 2022
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Irish fighter ufc conor mcgregor on his page in instagram laid out a video on which in the image of santa straightens his opponent.

McGregor congratulated fans in the image of Santa (video)

Former ufc champion in two weight categories of conor mcgregor cannot take part in the battles due to the temporary disqualification received from the athletic commission of nevada. However, this does not prevent him from staying in the information field, sell whiskey and delight their fans by video recording with training and cuts of past fights.

This time, conior decided to congratulate his fans of video recordings 2016 against eddie alvares. Thanks to the installation of mcgregor appeared in the image of santa, which «give gifts» in the form of successful blows.

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Merry christmas and good night ️️

Publication from conor mcgregor official (@thenotoriousmma) 25 dec 2018 at 3:53 pst

Fight with eddie alvarez in november 2016 allowed irish to win the title of champion ufc in lightweight weight. After that, the fighting of conor for a while he moved away from mixed martial arts and tried himself in boxing. Confrontation with floyd maweser in august 2017 ended with defeat «sad known» in the 10th round, technical knockout, but brought irish solid payments.

Attempting to return to the absolute fighting championship also wrapped for mcgregor. October 6, 2018, he could not win the title from the current champion habib nurmagomedov, passing the battle in the fourth round. Nothing is known about the upcoming mcgregor fights yet: along with habib, he experts the decision of the commission, which onca again postponed its meeting (now on january 29).

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