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March 11, 2022
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The usual boastful post on page in instagram irish fighter ufc conogram mcgregor turned into another injection of habib nurmagomedov. Read more in material.


Conoran mcgregor now 30 years old, age in which the fighter gets to his peak. But if you look at the irish career in the past few years, it becomes obvious that the battles are no longer interesting for him. He is the face of a bookmaker company, successfully promotes his brand whiskey, and in general one of the most recognizable people of the planet. That’s just he is no longer a fighter.

Young conor spent sevel fights per year. In 2011, there were at all 5. Over the past three years in octave mcgregor fought only once – against habiba nurmagomedova in october 2018. Now irishman has been strong in his memoirs about the past and tristokin «twitter». Here he still has few people can compete.

Despite this, he, of course, does not launch himself. On social networks regularly appear video recording from training and sparring. But where are the fights, a conor? Instead, mcgregor arranges battles on social networks, challenges to the right and left and already duty rises habib nurmagomedov.

About mcgregor challenges in «twitter» we wrote in a sparate material.

For comparison, one of the potential opponents of irish donald serrone has already sport three fights this year, one of them against the former temporary champion tony ferguson. But instead of returning to a big game, konor screams habib again. In his new post in instagram, he posted two photos from the parking lot «barclays center». On the first it is surroumeded by three rolls-royce. But on the second photo – habiba nurmagomedova’s face during an irish attack on the same parking.

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That time i rallied 3 rolls royce’s into the loading bay of the barclays centre, brooklyn. Yeehaaaa

Publication from conor mcgregor official (@thenotoriousmma) 30 jun 2019 at 2:22 pdt

Conor loves to remember this act, arguing that habib was scared and hid from him on the bus. But the further, the more sorry it looks like. Mcgregor is increasingly inclined to nostalgia, and not to the creation of a new story. Since, despite all the rumors about his future fights, there is no official confirmation of any of them. All because notorious is not needed. He is a businessman speculating in the past, in other words, he is completely successfully monetizes nostalgia.

In the meantime, the former ufc champion in two weight categories arouroed the memories, his offerder is preparing for the protection of the title against dustina pore. Read more in our article.

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