Mcgregor In Moscow Spoke About Dagestanis, And Now He Is Waiting For A Tial

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April 18, 2022
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The words of the irish fighter about dagestanis, who and his principled rival habib nurmagomedov, could not be left not heard. Sultan khamzaev, member of the public chamber.


Fighting habiba and mcgregor in moscow will not take place at least because he wants to plant

Conor mcgregor organized his own press conference in moscow. In the course of communication with journalists, he received a lot about the native of dagestan, who is the main rival of irish in sports.

As part of the event, a lot of answers sounded from the fighter, one of them became an opinion about the dagestan people. Conor called compatriots habib nurmagomedov cowardly.

In a separate article, we described the visit of the mcgregor’s coniring to the capital of the russian federation.

Such an opinion caused an excitement in the public, especially in the territory of russia, in particular, dagestan.

Sultan Khamzaev accused the McGregor's convolation in racism

One of the representatives of the sultan khamzaev public chamber accused the konora mcgregor in rasizme towards the dagestan people, and in punishment for this, he called for a criminal proceedings in his respect under article 282 of the criminal code of the country. In this document, we are talking about the deliberate excitation of hostility, hatred, including humiliation of human dignity.

In our special material, we told about the next boy habib nurmagomedov.

Mcgregor after a press conference has become a star of many media around the world who were in a hurry to mention his scandalous statement. Hamzaev believes that it is the replication of insults of the dagestanis is one of the main reasons why coper should be pursued by russian legislation.

Also, a representative in his commentary about the situation with conior mcgregor mentioned the word «fascism». Sultan noticed that for his people is familiar to deal with this phenomenon.

It is worth noting that the application has already been submitted to the prosecutor’s office to the general representative yuri seagull. Member of the public chamber believes that mcgregor is obligatory and in public form must apologize to all the dagestan people.

Earlier, we wrote about the long-time scandal of habib with a diaz of a four-year old ago, which nate spoke again in the media.

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