Mcgregor Vs Masvidal: Jorge Sniffed The Achievements Of The Conir

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April 27, 2022
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Bmf belt belt winner in ufc, jorge masvidal is ready to protect his title in a fight against mcgregor’s conior, it and much more he told in pardon my take podkaster.

McGregor VS Masvidal: Jorge Sniffed The Achievements of the Conir

The main badists ufc – conor mcgregor and jorge masp

Ufc wonderfully time to combine shows and serious sports battles. This makes it so successful and popular around the world. The idea of ​​creating a separate belt for the brightest three-tockers turned out to be a good idea. Masvidal-diaz fight chained the attention of thousands of fans worldwide.

Jorge after this meeting again flew to the wave of recognition and is now trying to settle it. After calling into the ringing the famous boxer saul alvarez, who has not yet crowned success (we we wrote material), the fighter’s attention switched again to mma.

The new object of desire was konor mcgregor. In pardon my take podkhast, jorge admitted that the conor deserves to be considered «bloomy» and he would love to work over his face in octave. Masvidal understands that at the same time he also get a good check. At the same time, the fighter printed the merit of the irishman. In his opinion, two champion titles the notorious were obtained in a non-competitive struggle.

«It was not a fight in full. He just went into the cage, did what he wanted and returned home with the belt», – described the irish champion fights process, masvidal.

Jorge wants to fight with a conference and even works on it. According to him, they are waiting for january 18 (on this day mcgregor will hold a meeting with serro), after which the date of the next fight becomes clear. Interestingly, the possibility of a meeting in octave khorget and mcgregor did not deny earlier and head of ufc, dana white. Moreover, according to the president, the notorious himself in a private conversation expressed his desire to come together in battle with the current owner of bmf belt.

Do not forget that mcgregor is most obsessed with a revenge with habib and hopes after the fightive: organization of this meeting. We mentioned more about the possible revenge in a separate article.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that magomedsharpov hit the top 3 fighters ufc.

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