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January 13, 2022
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Irish fighter mma conor mcgregor wants to repeat the path of his ex-opponent floyd maevezer. The athlete intends to fight in japan against tennina natsukava, but just as easy as maevezer, he will not succeed.


On december 31, the tokyo passed an indicative battle between floyd maeveter and tensin natsukava. The fight was organized as part of a festive event of the rizin ff organization. He lasted only one round, which ended with the american boxer in the third minute. During this short period, tensin managed to visit the knockdown three times and in general the battle looked like completely produced. However, this was not so important for floyd, who earned $ 9 million over these minutes.

Apparently, realizing the golden customody, repeat the path of pretty boy wanted his ex-opponent konor mcgregor. Irishman wrote a post on his official page on twitter, which urged to organize a fight for him with the japanese according to the rules of mma until the summer.

I wish to go to tokyo to face tenshin nasukawa in a mixed martial arts exhibition bout.
Before this summer.
Please arrange this, this instant.
Yours sincerely
the champ champ. @ufc @paradigmsm

— conor mcgregor (@thenotoriousmma)
january 7, 2019.

Japanese athlete reacted to this message «sad known». At first he expressed his appreciation to the cone for the fact that he remembered his name and offered the battle. But then set certain conditions – weight 58 kg, kickboxing rules.

Dear mr. Mcgregor. @thenotoriousmma
thank you very much for remembering my name. I’m honored that you would even consider fighting me.

58kg, kickboxing rules would probably get us in the ring sometime in the near future ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / btgvvnwxla

— 那 須 川 天 心 (@teppenenshin)
january 7, 2019.

This state of affairs is fundamentally different from the organization of the iver with the participation of maevezer. Since in that fight, only floyd dictated its rules, going to throw the japanese in unusual element for him. So if the fight is organized, then most likely, for mcgregor, it will not be a light walk to make money.

Interestingly, before meeting with the american invincible champion, tensein natsukawa promised to take revenge on money for his defeat in 2017.

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