Medvedev And Tuktamysheva: End Of Fifted Enlessia

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February 9, 2022
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Sometimes negative experience teaches us to read between the lines of the text that never was written by anyone. Zhenya medvedev and lisa tuktamysheva published by warm mutual confessions. Perhaps ever never existed, let’s figure it out together.

Medvedev and Tuktamysheva: End of Fifted Enlessia

It is no secret that healthy compettion can become a huge stimulus for personal development. Sport – heavy labor, and on konu often turn out to be such weighty things as world recognition or implementation of their own ambitions. It is quite possible and more landed option – prize or promotional contracts.

About «emief» zhenya and lisa began to vomit from the moment the medvedev went around tuktamyshev in the team tuktamyshev in the team that went to defend the honor of the country on the world cup for figure skating.

Against the background of this, the lack of a storage faith on the colleague detected by fans provoked a surge of assumptions about a possible conflict between the figure skaters. The agent of the magnitude dispelled rumors about the hostility, referring to the fact that «instagram» in view of the total load, the girl itself is maintained, but a smm manager who made a mistake, unsubscribing from tuktamysheva. Technical error was eliminated on the same day, but as the speak in the people, «spoons were found and the precipitate remained».

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It is significant that at the end of the world cup tuktamysheva published a post in «instagram», in which she informed that she liked to watch the world championship, and also congratulated his colleagues, including zhenya, with success.

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I enjoyed watching the world cup. Mark, you need to have very many guys: of course, these are incredible nathane and alina, yudzura and zhenya. The first female quadruple at the world championships from lisa. Sevel medals in dancing and pairs????????. Andrei and sonya – great well done, 2 clean rolled products at such a start of expensive! ———————- i was satisfied while watching worlds this year. A lot of skaters should be noticed after their great performances: of course it’s unbelievable nathan and alina, yuzuru and zhenya. First women quad in world by liza. Couple medals in dance and pairs. Andrey and sonya was really good, both got clean skates, in start like that it values ​​times more! #lizatuktik #tuktamyshevaelizaveta #figureskating #worldfigure #empressliza #alinazagitova

Publication from elizaveta tuktamysheva (@liza_tuktik) 23 mar 2019 at 12:19 pdt

Girls finally dispelled the myth of the hostility, publishing a joint photo in the frame of warm comments. First, the photo appeared in «stork» tuktamysheva, from where he moved to his wife.


We hope that on this contrived conflict between girls can be considered officially exhausted.

Recall that today stars on ice ice show starts, in which both figure skaters will take part.

More information about the ice show and interview with zagita and medvedeva can be founded by familiarizing with our material.

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