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January 6, 2022
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After an unexpected disease of the bronze medalist of the grand prix in figure skating elizabeth tuktamysheva, because of which she will miss the russian championship, all the attention of lovers of this sport is riveted to the main confrontation of the tournament – medvedev vs zagitova.

Medvedev and Zagitova compete for trips to Che-2019
Content: 1. Alina zagitova vs evgeny medvedev2. Schedule of the championship of russia (women)

From december 20 to 23, the russian figure skating championship will be held in the ice palace of saransk. Based on the results, a national team will be formed, which will go to the european championship 2019 in minsk, belarus.

Among women are played by three places, and not all of them will depend solely on the results of the speeches. Thus, experts believe that elizabeth tuktamyshev, which passes the current tournament due to the inflammation of the lungs, will fall on ch-2019 automatically. She really spent a very good season and ranked third in the past grand prix.

Almost the same situation was medvedeva: «for merit» last season, she automatically got into the national team, although at that time he he herself injured.

So, according to experts, all three vouchers must pick up the main figure skaters of russia and the main rivals – tuktamysheva, zagitova and medvedev.

Alina zagitova vs evgeny medvedev

Alina Zagitova VS Evgeny Medvedev

As for the 16-year-old alina, then there should be no questions. Golden medalist of the olympic games, winner of two stages of the grand prix this season, silver medalist final championship. In addition, the figure skater from izhevsk – current champion of russia.

But with evgenia medvedeva is not so easy. Zhenya began the season with silver olympic games. The result, which for others it would consider the achievement, it turned out to be akin to the defeat. As we know, there was a conflict was a conflict with a coach, moving to canada, the beginning of training under the leadership of brian orser and the neboda in the grand prix final.

Because of the criticism of the season, a wave of criticism was collected on the world, which, according to the world, she did not expte. The new coach of russians said that the quick victories should not be expected: so that eugene began to win, it would take at least two years. The age of figure skate – 19 years.

Medvedev just because of physiological features can not ride, as if she was 16. This hapaned to elizabeth tuktamysheva, who after the victory at the world championships in 2015 held two weak season, and in the current broken with new paints. Theraefore, there is a chance that russian championship medvedev rolls back not at the best level.

Arbitrary program evgenia medvedeva on the figure skater will appear on the czech republic 2019

Schedule of the championship of russia (women)

The championship will conquer an athlete who will get the biggest points on the results of two performances: short and arbitrary programs.

December 21 (friday)


Short program

December 22 (saturday)


Arbitrary program

December 4 in moscow awarding award «pride of russia» from the ministry of sports of russia. In category «best athlete» the prize went to alina zagitova.

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