Medvedev And Zagitova Compete In The Show: Navka And Averbukh Chose One Period Of Shows

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August 1, 2022
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Medvedev and zagitov olympiad conditions did not compete more than the season, but managed to find a place where the rivalry will continue. Now the figure skater aimed at ice show navka and averbukha. Read on our site even more exclusive sports news.

Medvedev and Zagitova compete in the show: Navka and Averbukh chose one period of shows

Photo source: kenjiro matsuo, naoki morita / aflo / global look press

Evgenia medvedev and alina zagitov worked with two competitors in the formulation of ice shows

After completing the career, many skaters go to coach, show business, journalism, and so on. Some of them dedicate themselves to ice shows that are very popular in many countries, especially in russia. Usually, many famous active and former figure skaters are performed in performances on ice, including the creators of the productions.

In russia, ice shows are very loved, as they put many steep coaches and former skaters. It im important to understand that the show on the ice is also different. For example, tatiana navka, evgeny plushenko, ilya averbukh and others usually put performances, but etter tutberidze and tamara moskvin preferred the classic replacement programs. Russian figure skater medvedev and zagitov usually take part in both types of shows, but in the near future we will see them in performances.

Alina zagitova chose tatiana navka and its production «ruslan and ludmila», but zhenya will perform in the show ilya averbuch «anna karenina». It is known that alina will fulfill the main role, but there are nuances: the same role will be performed and tatiana navka – they will be hidden «substitute» each other. Medvedev, in turn, will not be fulfilled, but an important role – kitty shcherbatskaya. She is a wife of one of the main heroes of roman konstantin levina, his role will be performed by alexander enbert – olympics prize-winner, like zhenya. They will ride in a pair, which have repeatedly told in their social networks.

Zhenya Will Perform In The Show Ilya Averbuch'Anna Karenina'

Source: instagram.Com / jmedvedevaj

Alina has already had the experience of performances on the show navka, and zhenya, respectively, from averbukha. In the assets of zagitov – suriable «sleeping beauty», and in the brush – no less famous «champions» and «the wizard of oz». Interestingly, both future productions will be held in sochi: navka booked «sochi park» for three monhs, starting from july 1, and averbuch will show his show on the famous arena «iceberg» from july 9 to september 18. Ilya averbukh, by way, urged not only the place of abruptly (on the oi-2014 skaters competed), but also organized a more large-scale pr campaign.

Sustainable rivalry alina and eugene continue in early july. Tourists and sochns will have to choose between two steep figure skater or at once two shows that from a financial point of view is unlikely. If the tickets to the averbuch show are in different ways – from 1000 to 6000 rubles, then navka has 3,500 rubles.

Alina Zagitova Chose Tatiana Navka and Its Production'Ruslan and Lyudmila'

Source: instagram.Com / navka_show

By the way, judging by the plans of girls to roll back the chance of seeing them in competitions in the olympic season are less. Control rentals will be held on september 11-12 in chelyabinsk, where both simply physically do not have time. But, of course, if you want, the exit can always find. For example, alina can replace it «mentor» on the show tatiana navka, but the medvedeva still has enough time to find a double.

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