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January 6, 2022
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A low-effective social networks recently, evgeny medvedeva appeared in the fans in the image of a cartoon animal with ears in the stories of his instagram.

Medvedev broke silence in social networks

Photo source: marieclaire.Ru

After an unsuccessful performance at the grand prix in france, evgeny medvedev hit a big wave of criticism in figure skating. In this regard, the athlete stated that the time would protect himself from social networks in which she was usually active.

But a week ago, eugene violated silence with the news about the beginning of cooperation with mtv russia tv channel. The figure skater will be one of the members of the jury in the new reality show dedicated to the most popular k-pop musical direction in south korea. Medvedev does not hide that he is a fan of this genre and it is this music that sounds in her headphones during the training process.

In his stories, the figure skater shared his impressions from the new clip of the popular exo group and even sang an excerpt:

«It looks a million times better than i thought they are just… such words in instagram can not speak… it’s just something incredible, carry».

Clip koreans who conquered medvedev

Fans will soon be able to see evgenia medvedev not only in social networks, but also on ice. From december 19 to 23, the russian figure skating championship will be held in saransk. According to his results, it will be decided who from the athletes will participate in the upcoming european and world championships.

Fans expect the main rivalry between the medvedeva and zagito. Another favorite, elizabeth tuktamysheva, who won this year «bronze» final grand prix, will miss the russian championship due to inflammation of the lungs.

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