Medvedev In The Show Ilya Averbukh: Jumping And Support

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April 28, 2022
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The figure skater evgeny medvedev after the russian championship concentrated on the show ilya averbukh called «the wizard of oz». Spectators were able to see an athlete in the unusual role of a pair figure skater. Read more in material.

Medvedev In The Show Ilya Averbukh: Jumping and Support

The show allows the medvedeva to relax and try a new

The dilemma on how evgeny medvedev will have time to perform at the russian championship and in ilya averbuch’s ice show, was allowed to withdraw the figure skater from the competition after a short program. Official reason – problem with inventory, or rather with a boot from the skates. To avoid injury, the athlete decided not to go out on the ice for the execution of an arbitrary program. This decision for the most part did not upset the audience of the ice show «wizards of oz», after all, they hoped to see the figure skater as soon as possible.

More about the removal of medvedeva with czech, we we wrote in a separate material.

And the show passed successfully. On january 1, ilya averbukh on his page laid out the post in which he congratulated eugene with the premiere and thanned the audience.

Did not cost and without detractors. After entering the first video userselves in the comments that there are no jumps in the cashia. However, the next video from the show had to convince them that jumping on the spot.

And of course it is worth noting that ice shows do not always mean jumping, especially if we are talking about the productions of the combined overall concept and one idea, as in the case of «wizard of oz». The main task – convey the author’s idea, in this case, ilya averbukha. For a skateman, this is a good opportunity to try yourself in a new role and relax from tension after the competition. So medvedev felt his boyfriend, having experienced support in fc.

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