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January 13, 2022
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After a short stay in russia, which was associated with performances at the championship and celebration of the new year, evgenia medvedev flies again, but this time is not in canada to his coach.

Medvedev Leaves Russia

Photo source: sporteveryday.Info

Two weeks – so much has tredied ​​the russian figure skater evgeny medvedev in russia during his last visit. And this trip turned out to be not completely successful, but rather saturated. The athlete’s past championship athlete clearly will not be able to count on a successful competition in a piggy bank. A failed new short program that immediately threw away eugene to the 14th place and much better fulfilled free as a result allowed medvedev to be content with only 7 position and a backup role in the upcoming european championship.

After the czech republic, the two-time world champion went home, to moscow, where the family was able to give time and relax from figure skating. For sevel days, medvedva visited:

  • Festival «moscow seasons»;
  • Shooting a reality show on mtv;
  • Ether love radio;
  • Ballet «nutcracker» in the bolshoi theater.

In stories on its page in instagram, evgeny medvedeva laid out video with moscow airport geolocation.

Part of the fans thought that the figure skater goes to canada to return to training and preparation for international forums, but it was not. Evgenia medvedev went to the italian city of bolzano to take part in the suzuki bolzano passion gala ice show, which will be held january 4.

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