Medvedev Rides At The World Cup: The Girl Turned To His Fans And Answered Criticism (Updated)

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February 1, 2022
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The two-time world champion evgenia medvedev turned to his fans, posing a post in instagram. The figure skater thanked fans and assured that it will make every effort to win in case of hitting the world cup 2019.

Medvedev turned to his fans and answered criticism

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Evgenia medvedev’s victory in the russian cup final was to bring it to the russian national team at the upcoming world championships in japan. At least this was hinted by the president of the federation of figure range of russia alexander gorshkov.

Learn more about the results of the russian cup final can be read in a separate material.

But at the moment this did not happen. Moreover, the federation continues to maintain mystery. General director of ffkr alexander kogan informed the public that at the moment the same athletes were in the application that were in the application at the european championship. True, there is one weighty detail that distinguishes that and this application.

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I seen and worked with many skaters around the world, but to skate with this kind of fire: is something rare to see, and is truly unique. #evgeniamedvedeva #choreo

Publication from misha ge (@ mishage8) 26 feb 2019 at 9:05 pst

According to the director, at the moment it is not decided which of the figure skaters is in the status of the main, and who – spare. He stressed that the names of the figure skaters are still arranged in alphabetical order. In such a format, the application was sent to isu.

Recall the participants of the list:

  • Zagitova alina;
  • Konstantinova stanislav;
  • Medvedeva evgenia;
  • Samorav sophia;
  • Tuktamysheva elizabeth.

Yesterday, on her page in instagram, evgeny medvedev published a post in which he turned to his fans. The figure skater assured her fans that she always seeks victory and, if she was taken away as a basic to participate on the world cup, she will be in his best condition. At the end of the athlete thanked everyone for support.

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Friends just want to say that i am going to every competition with the thought of victory. This season is no exception. If i am chosen to participate in the world cup, my goal is to be in my best condition at these competitions in the site. Thanks for your support. Your zhenya.

Publication from evgenia medvedeva (@jmedvedevaj) 25 feb 2019 at 7:39 pst

Thus, the two-time world champion respondd to criticism, which recently pursues it in connection with the best results this season. Many viewers and experts have remained unhappy with judging in the russian cup final. Some of them considered that elizaveta tuktamyshev was more worthy of victory in the tournament and in general this season looks brighter.

Ex-trainer medvedeva eter tutberidze also remained unhappy with the judging, butt in relation to his daughter who engages in figure skating. Read more about it – here.

Based on the application, make changes to the application (we are talking about who will be the main one and who who – spare) the participating country may up to the beginning of the championship itself. This means that until march 18, the final list of those who will go on ice in japan can remain unknown.

However, as it became known literally half an hour ago, the girl was still aproved in the main composition of the national team.

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