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January 14, 2022
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Two-time world champion, europe and russia evgeny medvedev visited his alma mater sshor cska.

Medvedev signed on the walls of CSKA (photo)

Source photo: ltk-cska.Ru

As you know, evgeny medvedev is now trained in canada from brian orser, but she began his first steps in figure skating in his native moscow. First in the section during the stadium «young pioneers», and then in the sports school of the olympic reserve cska name with. But. Zhukov.

After the recent russian figure skating championship, which was held in saransk, eugene did not go immediately to canada, but remained for the holidays in russia. In one day, the former student of cska visited his alma mater, talked with young athletes and left his autograph on a special wall.


The other day, medvedev left russia for participation in the ice show suzuki bolzano passion gala, which took place in italy. There she rolled back their numbers: beautiful mess and elucevan le stelle, well-known her fans.

Speech by evgenia medvedev

The other day, ex-coach evgenia eter tutberidze posted on theificial page in instagram post dedicated to former wards. Among others, she mentioned evgeny medvedev, which he worked in the period from 2007 to 2018.

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