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February 4, 2022
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Evgenia medvedev has already arrived at the world championship in figure skating in japan and held his first training session that was a little serviced the veil of secrete two days during the short program.


Photo source: moika78.Ru

Today in the japanese city of the site starts the world championship in figure skating, but while the case is limited only to the registry of athletes and the first exit to the ice for training. The two-time champion of this tournament evgeny medvedev has already arrived in the city, where it was warmly encountered by japanese fans.

Eugene won popularity in japan in many ways due to its number in which it appeared in the popular anime series «sailor moon».

Recently, medvedev, together with alina, zagitova took part in the shooting of advertising in japan, where they appeared in the image of the main character of another popular anime. You can read more about this in ur separate material.

Shortly after arrival and accreatation athlete held its first training session. According to the fan community of the zhenya in the social network «in contact with», during the first practice, the figure skater successfully performed triple salkhov, rittberger and tulup.

Judging by the previously published application for the program, some of these elements will enter a short program, part – only in arbitrary. So, for example, during the kp stated a cascade «triple flip – triple tulup», «double axel» and «triple rittberger». In pp will additionally appear already tested in training «triple salhov» and more complex cascades.


Provided that the athlete everything rolls back purely, she has a good chance to take one of the prizes on the pedestal. But it is worth noting that in the arsenal figure skater, there were no particularly difficult jumping, such as triple axel (who, by way, owns elizabeth tuktamyshev, who did not go to the world cup) or the quarter, which is in the arsenal at its rivals. Andout this, the two-time world champion will be difficult to get «gold».

The main favorite for victory experts consider japanese rick kihira. Read more about the athlete and secret weapons that she prepared at home world cup, in our special.

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