Medvedev Won The Russian Cup Final: But Who Will Still Go To The World Cup

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January 31, 2022
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In veliky novgorod, the final of the russian cup figure skating, the main intrigue of which was who from the world champion will win: evgenia medvedev or elizabeth tuktamysheva.

Medvedev WON THE RUSSIAN CUP FINAL: But WHO Will Still Go to the World Cup
Content: 1. Medvedev won, but arbitrary better at tuktamysheva2. Total results of the russian cup figure cup (women) 3. Medvedev vs tuktamysheva: who will go to the world cup

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Medvedev won, but arbitrary better at tuktamysheva

As we wrote earlier, after a short program, the first place was held by evgeny medvedev, the second was in stanislav konstantinova, and elizaveta tuktamyshev did not even get along the trip. But an arbitrary program, as expected, made its own adjustments.

First, i would like to note that stanislav again did not cope with pressure and scored only 131.2 points, which eventually threw it into the fourth place. Can not until konstantinova cope with the experiencees and makes mistakes. It happened to her and the cu 2019, and at the world cup 2018 and t. D.

Secondly, the best result in the arbitrary program showed elizabeth tuktamysheva, which was very rumored yesterday the fall at the very beginning of the program. This time lisa coped with everything and scored 148.98. Most points she brought elements – 76,34. Such high estimates allowed the figure skater to rise to second place from the fourth, but did not allow to conquer «gold». In sum, its result was 221.19.

Following the two days, evgeny medvedev won. In both of her speeches, pragmatism. The two-time world champion was concentrated on the purity of performance and artistism, trying once again not to risk. But still forced his fans after all, having fallen from triple rittberger after triple salhov. As a result – 146.01 for an arbitrary program. Worse than liza almost three points, but it turned out enough – 222.90 and victory in the cup of russia in her hands. By the way, this trophy in the collection of figure skater has not yet been.

Total results of the russian cup of figure skating (women)

Total results of the Russian Cup of Figure Skating (Women)

Medvedev vs tuktamysheva: who will go to the world cup

Before the final of the russian cup final, it became known that this tournament would be a kind of additional dobor for the russian national team for the upcoming world championship in japan. Since after the european championship, it became clear that sofya samodurova should drive as a winner of the tournament and alina zagitov (silver medalist), whose candidacy is not doubtful. But the third participant remained in question.

Troy figure skater claimed immediately:

  • Elizabeth tuktamysheva, who spent an excellent season to a disease before the championship of russia, and, as a result, a nebody to europe.

Shortly before the beginning of the czech republic, the doctors found inflammation of the lungs at the figure skater. Read more about the disease that spoiled elizabeth season, in our material.

  • Evgenia medvedev, two-time world champion and silver winner oi 2018. Yes, after the games, zhenya seriously passed, buther authority still remains strong, so the federation decided to provide it with a chance.
  • Stanislav konstantinova showed the best result on the czech republic after juniors tutberidze, but failed a short program on che and finished the fourth.

Now experts are inclined that medvedev will go to japan, since she won in tournament. And it sems fair, despite the fact that on the second day she lost, even in all positions, besides the technology, it turned out to be better: the overall impression, skill of riding, transitions, performance, composition, and t. D.

The only thing that is alarming while – simplicity of the program. At the world championships for victory, it will not be enough, and she will have a very strong rival, in which there are already the same notorious fourth jumps in the arsenal.

Elizabeth tresynbayeva just like medvedev at one time, left t. Tumberidze and moved to brian orser. But recently, the figure skater returned to eteri and has already introduced its fourth jumps. Read more about the success of athletes in our material.

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