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June 22, 2022
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Casino attract not only players, but also mafia. Syndicates use such establishments to increase and legalize profits. On par with baghi, meer lansky occupies his place in history. Two friends led one of the most influential gangs in the first half of the 20th century. The initial capital of mafiosi focused on bootleg. And later successfully invested millions in a casino.

Name meer lanski
birth name meer sukhovlyhansky
date of birth july 4, 1902
place of birth grodno, russian empire
date of death january 15, 1983
a place of death miami beach, florida, usa

Childhood immigrant

Meer sushowani appeared in 1902 in the city of grodno, which was the part of the russian empire. His parents had jewish-polish roots. Because of this, meer often said that he came from poland. In 1911, the family had to flee from jewis pogroms. They sailed to the usa from odessa on the ship "kursk".

New york mara waited for a new life. Father got a fetter in the local studio. In 1912, meer comes to school and takes himself the name of lansky. The young man learns well and finishes on grade 2 per year. In 1916, due to financial problems, the family has to move to the nizhny east side of the manhattan – in the first half of the 20th century, immigrants were mostly lived here.

Lanski does not grant their studies, but what having reached the age of majority, begins to egage in criminal activities. Together with his new friends in the face of baghi siegela, joseph stachener and salvatore luciano, he begins to earn money on a street crap and rack.

Meer lanski was low growth – 162 cm. However, thanks to his strong physique, he could always stand up for himself.

Age of organized crime

After the end of the 8th grade, lansky gets to work in the local workshop. Together with his accomplices, he begins to steal and resell cars. In the 1920s, the "dry law" begins to act, which opens a promising direction for underground businesses.

Young meer lanski

Influential italian and irish gangs begin to form in new york. Meer lanski together with baghi sigel creates a grouping of bugs and meyer mob – it is delived by roma.

Boofleghood turned out to be a competitive business, so the market share had to wage war with other gangs. According to rumors, meer lansky is involved in creating murder inc. – italians and jews take dirty work. In 1931, the grouping organized the murder of joe majeria.

Back to the roots

"New course" of franklin roosevelt canceled a ban on alcohol, because of what the meer of lansky and his partners had to look for a new source of income. As a child, therformed well at the expense of gambling on the street. Now having much more finance, they were able to reach a new level. The first casinos appear in chicago, cleveland and detroit.

In 1933, lanski together with luciano goes to cuba. There partners meet with fulchensio batistan – until 1940 he was a military leader and later he will become president. Cuban issues mafia patent for gambling. In 1937, at the national hotel, a casino appears in havana. Later, lanski prolobed the law, according to which gambling is exempt from taxation and are available only in hotels worth from 1 million dollars.

"Mafia accountant" demanded an unprecedented casino workers. Forbidden any fraud and falsification for the sake of victory over the guest. He also constantly gave a bribe of law enforcement representatives to avoid having places – no one should interfere with the game.

Big money – big problems

Sigel offfered lanski to create a gambling center on the territory of las vegas. For this, the unfamiliar casino flamingo hotel will be redeemed. The list of investors includes not only lansky, but also influential bosses. Initially, $ 1.5 million was required to complete the project. However, the final amount was at times more for sevel reasons.

  • Mafiosi were sure that the sigel wrote down fictitious checks and assigned money to himself. These suspicions intensified after lansky told about his friend’s partner, which often goes to zurich and replenishes the bill in the local bank. Probably, the sigel was preparing to escape if the discovery of flamingo would be unsucessful.
  • The cost of labor and building materials began to rapidly grow to the end of world war ii.
  • Workers stole building materials and re-sold them sigel.

On december 20, 1946, a secret meeting of criminal gangs was held in havana, which was attended by:

  • Joe adonis.
  • Frank kostello.
  • Albert anastasia.
  • Thomas luckese.
  • Charles and roco fiscetti.
  • Santo traffikanta jr.
  • Stefano magaddino.
  • Joseph bonanno.
  • Philip castel.
  • Carlos marchello and others.

Bosses wanted to get rid of baghi, but lanski managed to delay. The opening of the hotel is scheduled for december 26, 1946, so mafia agreed to wait for final results. The first day of the work "flamingo" failed – after 2 weeks the hotel was closed to resume construction. Bosses came into rage, but lanski at the expense of his authority again agreed to delay.

A few months later the casino earned again and began to bring money. However, the expections of the bosses were not justified – they made a deadly senence. On june 20, 1947, bagsi shot through the window in his house – the murder remains unscrew. 20 minutes after his death "investors" signed papers on the transfer of real estate under the control of the "mafia accountant". For 20 years, lansky invests money in flamingo and, together with this, regrets the murder of a friend of childhood sigl.

"Our casino is an excellent place open to all. Jews, christians, arabs, all come to us and play, "- meer lansky

Business in cuban

On cuba in the 1950s, anarchy reigns. March 10, 1952 fulchensio batista carries out a coup and establish a dictatorship. Heer lanski helped him to head the country, who paid carlos to cokkaras $ 250 thousand. For the transfer of power.

Batista renews the former activity of the casino. Meer lanski holds an adviser to gambling business with a salary of $ 25 thousand. In year. The license cost is $ 250 thousand., but according to the law to open a casino, it is also necessary to invest $ 1 million at the hotel or $ 200 thousand. In the nightclub. Investors received loans for construction, as well as for 10 years they were exempted from taxes, duties on the import of equipment and building materials.

Meer lanski begins to invest in its own casino. First, the montmartre club appears, and later a new gambling hall on the basis of the hotel "nacional". He crares out to purchase a 10-storey an extension with which the fort el morrow is visible in all its glory. Against this is the famous writer ernest hemingway, along with other americans. Batista eventually takes the side of lansky – according to unofficial data, in many casinos at the dictator had a share of up to 30%.

In december 1957, the hotel "riviera" begins to work. The opening is accompanied by a loud show with the participation of ginger rogers – american singer and actresses, which in 1941 received oscar. Presentation partially falls on american television, which provided riviera successful future. Lanski invested $ 18 million in the hotel-casino, and in the first year received $ 3 million net profit.

In 1960, mafia has to say goodbye to business. January 1, 1959 cuban revolution ends with the victory of opponents of the regime. The rebels begin to loud casino mafia, and the new government is going to nationalize all hotels.

According to legend, lanski met with the leaders of the uprising – fidel castro and che gevary. The latter during the conversation was practiced in shooting, providing psychological pressure on the interlocutor. Lanski tried to dissuade cubans from nationalization or pay mafia compensation. Revolutionaries in return began to threaten the murder if the mafiosi does not leave the country.

All casinos were closed, and in october 1960, the riviera hotel was nationalized with 145 other american enterprises. Meer lanski for different estimates lost from 7 to 17 million dollars.


Starting from 1947, meer lansky supported the jews. At first he sends weapons to the port haifa for military organizations. And on may 14, 1948, after 10 minutes from the date of the announcement of the money transfers to the account of the new state – the amount is not disclosed. Later he promises to support the treasury and allocate 10% of personal income every year.

In the 1950s and 1960s, lansky begins to observe the fbi. The media is alady called it "boss boss mafia". Law enforcement agencies have been looking for deason for arrest for decades, but lanski turned out to be very prudent. He never performed a dirty job, but only took the organizational issues.

In response, mafiosi led the hidden shooting on the conspiracy apartment of edgar hoover – director of the fbi. Later, on the head, the leader accuses.

Fbi suspected lanski in tax evasion. However, after the arrest of al capone because of similar accusations, mafios began to translate money in switzerland. In 1934, local authorities adopted the "banks law", which ensurd the anonymity of accounts. Also lanski made ut all real estate on its partners. According to the documents, mafiosis seemed almost a poor.

In the 1970s "mafia accountant" went to israel to avoid possible arrest. Thanks to the past merits, he seeks an audience with golde meir – the 5th prime minister. However, this time, only minor assistance is provided. Lanski give 2 years to finn another shelter. In 1972 he leaves israel. President paraguay alfredo stressner proposes to cover mafios. At rio de janeiro airport, the legs are intercepting lanski and deliver in miami.

Calm older

Conclusion in customy ends in 1974 – the court of appeal recognized lansky innocent. Fbi rated his capital of $ 300 million, but the did not manage to find money. After liberation, he settled in miami and led the life of a typical pensioner. Every morning, lanski could be found during a walk with a dog.

"Mafia accountant" died on january 15, 1983 from the lung cancer, being surrounded by close relatives. His family in the will he left the humble $ 57 thousand. Some argued that his condition was too overestimated, others – mafios lost everything in cuba. The last theory confirms the research of robert leisley. Once a rich man at the end of life broke and managed to find money to pay for the treatment of one of his sons.

"Meer lanski does not own property. He owns people, "- hank messik, miami herald journalist.

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