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January 6, 2022
2 minutes

September 24 in the ukrainian capital will be heldbitcoin conference kiev. The event will give the leading experts, bitcoin-enthusiasts, investors, as well as all interested in the development of this industry.

MEET Members of Bitcoin Start-Up Challenge

As part of the event, a unique startup contest will be held – bitcoin start-up challenge, where you can find the most unusual solutions for working with cryptocurrencies in general and bitcoin in particular. We present to your attention the participants of the startup contest: sofast and safeband.

Sofast – cloud platform, thanks to which you can send cash multicurrency translations, without coming to the bank. Indition, you absolutely indepenently depend on transfer sender payment system.

The sofast team pays special attention and takes a special place in the project by decentralized currencies, the translation of which will be easier and affordable. And even those users who have never had experience with cryptocurrents will be able to get it.

Safeband – this is simultaneously wireless multifunctional key, control tool and interaction with surrounding objects via bluetooth, as well as a stylish bracelet with steel dust and moisture protection.

Safeband bracelet created for:

  • Control access to smartphone, tablet, computer;
  • Encryption personal data, documents, photographs;
  • Work with passwords to applications and web services;
  • Applied application;
  • Tracking things;
  • Searching keys or car in parking.

Apply and you about yourself! Tell us able your own project and get a unique opportunity to attract investors, customers and partners!

We invite bitcoin startups to participate in bitcoin start-up challenge. Several free places left.

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