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January 11, 2022
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Melco international development continues to expand the company’s presence in cyprus, opening the second satellite gambling establishment.

Melco International opens the second casino-satellite in Cyprus

On friday, december 21, representatives of cyprus mail reported that the melco branch in cyprus (c2) opened the last casino-satellite at the international airport «larnaca».

On the c2 casino there are 42 slot machines, distributed over two separate zones that work around the clock. One of them is intended exclusively for passengers who fly away and have already passed the airport security service. The second room is located in the arrival area and is available to all airport visitors.

The exclusive casino license, which melco received in 2016, allows you to open four satellite gambling institutions. The first of them opened in nicosia earlier this month. 50 slot machines and 5 gambling tables are located on its territory, despite the fact that the legislation should have limited the gembling-proposal of these institutions exclusively by slot machines.

Reportedly, the object in nicosia takes about 600 visitors per day. One foreigner-lucky even managed to win in roulette €500,000, while less lucky high roller lost €130,000.

Melco reported that the opening of the last two objects in paphos and ayia -napane is scheduled for spring next year. In june, the company opened «temporary» casino in limassol with 33 gambling tables and 242 vehicles. This establishment closes after the opening of the city of dreams mediterranean casino spa in 2021.

Recall: last month, entrepreneur lawrence ho yau lung increased its share in gambling nasdaq in melco resorts and entertainment ltd.

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