Messi Can Return To The Argentina National Team

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January 30, 2023
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Lionel messi met with the head of the argentina claudio tapia football association. According to media information, the parties discussed the return of an athlete in the national team.

Messi Can Return To The Argentina National Team

After the departure of the 1/8 france national team in the 1/8 france, a long-term leader and captain of the team lionel messi did not play any match with them. During this periodically, rumors periodically appeared that lionel plans to complete his speeches for the national team. Roots from these rumors originate in the statements of the football player.

In front of the world cup 2018, answering questions from journalists about the edd of a career in the national team, the striker replied that everyting would depend on the success of the mundial. However, in september of this year, the head of the argentina claudio football association said that the striker would remain in the team.

Today it became known that the best scorer «barcelona» meets with claudio after the libertadores cup response match, who was transferred to madrid to the stadium «santiago bernabeu». According to the source, the main purpose of the meeting – discussion of the return of a football player in the national team.

Dejando madrid, luego de la superfinal de libertadores, y de varias jornadas intensas de trabajo. Finalizando el año y proyectando lo que se viene, nos reunimos con scaloni y leo messi @argentina ????????⚽️ pic.Twitter.Com / xhlugzvzjm

— chiqui tapia (@tapiachiqui)
december 10, 2018.

Without lionel argentina six matches: in four she won the four and once played a draw and lost. Messi itself is currently dividing the first line in the list of the best scorers of the current la league season.

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