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April 19, 2022
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Soon «barcelona» can lose his leader lionel messi. A player who personifies a whole era, can leave the club in two years. Read more in material.

Messi is not sure of its future in Barcelona

Lionel messi does not have a young one, the end is getting closer

This summer five-time owner «golden ball» and a number of football records lionel messi turned 32 years old – age for technical and fast athlete is quite honorable. Experts have already noted that every year argentine runs down a smaller distance during the match, plus it is increasingly haunted by injury.

Learn more about damage and physical condition of lionel in recent years, we wrote in a special article.

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Publication from leo messi (@leomessi 9 nov 2019 at 2:55 pst

Apparently, it understands leo himself. Despite the phenomenal statistics of this season (7 matches – 8 heads and 4 goals), the spanish edition of marca reported that messi refused to conclude a new agreement with «barcelona». Previous information appeared that «blue-grenade» they want to offer argentine’s indefinite contract, according to which striker will be able to play for «blurranas» until that time before wanting it himself.

However, all the same marca, referring to its sources, reports that messi refused this venture and decided to postpone the issue of renewing the contract for another year. According to the publication, the football player wants to see, in what form it will be at that time, as it believees that it makes no sense to go on the field if his peak will remain behind.


???? — some of messi’s best passes. Sit back and enjoy greatness. [@fhagvy] pic.Twitter.Com / bav0ufpc8m

— bu videos / gifs (@bu_videos)
november 11, 2019

Interestingly, at different times, argentine examined two possible places to end his career: catalan club «barcelona» and argentinean «newlls old boys». As part of the last leo, made his first serious steps in a big football, and it was there that catalans scouts got his talent. Argentine himself has repeatedly expressed appreciation to his youth coaches and said that i would like to pay tribute to.

A high level of skill of football player this year noted fifa, recognizing him with the best player. True, the vote was accompanied by a scandal. We wrote more about this in a separate material.

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