Messi Is The Only Hope Of Argentina And At The Same Time The Main Failure

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March 7, 2022
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Argentina national team started at the america’s cup from an unexpected defeat. Lionel messi has repeatedly left the national team under the influence of negative emotions from the failures of the national team. And this time there are more good reasons.

Messi Is The Only Hope of Argentina and At The Same Time The Main Failure
Content: 1. The team of stars does not know what a team game is and coach – moreover, 2. New season – new scandal3. Fresh wound with world cup 20184. Sixth «golden ball»five. Critica maradona

The team of stars does not know what a team game is and coach – especially

Argentina’s national football team has many well-known and technical players in its asset, but when the are going together, the game does not glue. Otamyi, di maria, aguero, dibala – and this is only part of stars protecting the colors of the national team.

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⚽ @argentina ???????? 0 – #colombia ???????? 2 (roger martínez y duván zapata)

final del partido en el estadio arena fonte nova de salvador de bahía. Pic.Twitter.Com / nq7n26dep3

— selección argentina ???????? (@argentina)
june 15, 2019.

Earlier, we we wrote in a special article on missionate messi regarding the transition of grizmanna in «barcelona».

For example, sergio did not show anything like that, despite the fact that the scalon was confident in his advantage over dibal. In the second half of the game, the coach decided to strengthen the pisarro team, which «brought» two missed goals in the grid of their gate.

#selecciónmayor @lioscaloni ????️: "creo que el segundo tiempo el equipo fue muy bueno. Generamos situaciones. El gol nos los hicieron de contragolpe". Pic.Twitter.Com / e129tyylyi

— selección argentina ???????? (@argentina)
june 16, 2019.

New season – new scandal

After the world cup in 2014, lionel was recognized as the best player of mundial and contributed to dream tim. Everything would be fine if there is no minimum loss of argentina from germany. In that match, messi was remembered as the only representative of his team, who played. Argentines failed the match, – despite this, messi even managed to score, but the goal was not counted.

Fresh wound with world cup 2018

Last year, after another fale on the world cup, the argentines returned home to sad and hopefully at least at the next cup of america. Messi was so upset that he declared his departure from the national team, but in context «break in performances». Azart grabbed forward enthusiasm stronger, because leo once again returned to replenish his asset trophy. At least one for the national team.

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Tomando mates con mi compañero de pieza @ 10aguerosergiokun

Publication from leo messi (@leomessi 12 jun 2019 at 6:38 pdt

Sixth «golden ball»

Despite decent competition in the raineer of this year, leo is considered the leader, ahead of virgila wang dequean and cristiano ronaldo. The most painful here is that both competitors reached the final of the league of nations and go well following the results of the selection at euro 2020. Messi even play in these tournaments can not, not to mention the number of achievements of ronaldo in the portuguese t-shirt.

«Zm» they give according to the results of speeches within and clubs, and national teams. And sulil messi sixth trophy is the potential victory on copa america.

Critica maradona

Another criticism can be the last straw for the winner of five «golden balls». The legend of argentina and the world of maradona did not spare leo in his statements after defeat from colombia.

Read in a separate article about the new roles of maldini and boban in «milan».

«Even the team of tonga could overcome you. You insult argentina t-shirt», – quotes the words of the former striker team tyc sports.

Do such words add motivation? It sems that diego decided to scare the collections, thus forcing them to show good results.

Previously, we wö wrote about the details of the unusual presentation of azara in «real».

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