Messi Received The “Golden Ball” 2019, And Ronaldo Sat In The Car Until The Player’S Award

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April 22, 2022
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The annual award ceremony for the best football player according to france football took place yesterday, december 2. Everyone managed to discuss the merits of the winner of lionel messi, but there was a lot of interesting things and besides the presentation of the sixth ball argentine.

Messi received the 'Golden Ball' 2019, and Ronaldo sat in the car until the player's award

Messi, 6 «golden ball» and opinions: that interesting was said and done at the ceremony

Many football experts expressed their own opinion regarding the merit of the argentine striker. No less attention attracted the absence of one of the nominees – cristiano ronaldo. Previously, he missed the same fifa ceremony, to remember the details of which you can by reading our separate material.

So, about everything in order. Footballler «barcelona» got from the hands of last year’s owner awards luke modric sixth in his career «golden ball». More journalists voted precisely for argentinets, in second place is virgil wang dake.

The latter, according to the part of the fans and specialists, could not compare the achievements of the defender to the performance of forward. It could be the reason that the players of his position rarely receive zm.

The third place in the votes took the five-time owner of the award – cristiano ronaldo. He did not appear on the whole ceremony, appeared only when the trophy was handing the best football player in the series a.

In a separate material, we talked about internal disadvantages in «barcelona», which was noticeable in the match against «slavia».

Wang duck even cheered over the overall all the fun colleague. When one of the journalists asked defender «liverpool» about his opinion on the lack of portuguese, virgil said: «and what, ronaldo was nominated?». Of course, it was a joke, after which wang duck was noticed that she adores messi and ronaldo.

Wang Duck Even Cheered Over The Overall All the Fun Colleague

Nobody was not very surprised that cristiano did not come to the fifa ceremony and this time. But his reward player season 2018/2019 portuguese received. Italian insider tankred palmer in its own account in «twitter» posted that ronaldo was sitting in the car and waited until the moment of rewarding player in italy comes.

Indition, the ceremony also noted the best goalkeeper for which a sparate award was made – named after lion yashin. Alisson isper «liverpool» became the first in history holder of a special trophy. So fans «red» can exhale – the winners of the champions league were not left worth awards.

Previously, we wönde information about the secret wedding cristiano ronaldo.

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