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January 11, 2022
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Lionel messi was awarded for the fifth time «golden buses». On this occasion, the marca edition took a large interview with argentine, in which he told why he won’t go to the italian series a, where he plays him «darling» rival – ronaldo.

Messi Refused Italy and Ronaldo
Content: 1. Messi about the desire to work again with guardioole2. About «real» and ronaldu3. Messi to call ronaldo and moving to italy4. On the return of neymar

Messi about the desire to work with guardiole

What club nor hosep guardiola came, the media go out with the headlines that the coach wants to remar lionel to his team. So happened and after it arred in «manchester city». However, the spanish specialist himself denies, although connesees to simpatize the argentine.

In his interview, leo, whose career bloomed just at guardiol, told reporters that he would like to work with pep again, calling it one of the best coaches in the world. But this does not mean that for the sake of this he is ready to go to «man city».

About «real» and ronaldo

Of course, it was not without any questions about the eternal rivals of argentinets – «real» and cristiano ronalda. This summer, the portuguese left «creamy», thus, destroying the most discussed confrontation between messi – ronaldo in la league. The attacker believees that the madrid club is definitely lost with credian’s departure in «juventus», but at the same time there are enough other high-class players in it, so «royal club» it remains one of the most powerful in the world.

His confrontation with the portuguese messi remembers as a pleasant moment of career. He believees that it has a beneficial effect on both, causing to improve. Also, it certainly liked fans.

Messi to call ronaldo and moving to italy

Recently, cristiano in one of the interviews called messi to move to the series a and try his hand in the new championship, just as he did himself. For this proposal, argentine replied with a categorical refusal.

«I do not need any changes. I am in the best team in the world… i do not need to change teams or leagues to put new goals. I am in my house, in the best club in the world, and i do not need to change anything».

On the return of neymar

One of the most talented brazilian footballrs of modernity, neymar, sport five years in «barcelona» side by side with messi and suarez. Their attacking trio was a thunderstorm for any team and even got his nickname – msn. But brazilian in 2017 decided to go to psg and the trio broke up. Now in the media is activy discussing the return of neymar to catalonia, arguing that the striker does not like in paris.

In an interview with messi says that everyone in the team would like the brazilian to return to the club. They continue to be friends and spend together time. But agentine believees that psg will not allow neimaru to leave.

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