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March 30, 2022
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Mgm Invited Autistic Artists From Fuhong Society for Gifts Design

On the eve of the chinese new year mgm, cooperating with the fuhong society, invited gifted artistis-autists leong yeng waya and ip chi kina. Inborn talents took part in the design of the design of a festive campaign and gifts, as well as packaging a gift box, banners and many other. Collaboration is aimed at demonstrating the public an outstanding gift of artists with disability, and, more importantly, during festive events remind of the need for social adaptation.

Two artists created pictures "prosperous golden lion 0.38 "and" journal golden lion in the house "for the mgm campaign. Both works dedicated to theme "golden lion", the symbol of mgm, reflect the fascinating life of the king of animals, each of which has its own unique artistic style.

Leong yeng wai, also known as "0,38" because of his love for a black ballpoint handle 0.38 mm, well draws portraits, architecture and cars with thin ink strokes. Mgm began to cooperate with leong in 2016, when he was first invited to develop corporate souvenir notepads. Aftert that, mgm chose his sketch depicting the appearance of the mgm cotai, and increased it to the fresco, presented in the office.

On the ther hand, ip chi kin loves to use acrylic paint to create bold artworks with bright colors.

Jennifer chow, director of fuhong society in macau, said:

"Mgm and fuhong share the belief that each person has its own special potential and talent. We started working together many years ago, and leond was invited to take part in their projects, such as the creation of corporate souvenirs and wall paintings for office. A series of joint work really demonstrated that mgm appreciates and respects the talent of artists with disability. This latest project, initiated by mgm, no doubt, is another great recognition dedicated to our artists, and most importantly, an excellent illustration of social integration ".

All gift boxes for traditional home pudding from mgm are made in the design of two artists. Pudding vouchers are available for sale from january 18 to february 10 in restaurants and cafe mgm macau and mgm cotai. Puddings can be bought from january 25 to febrary 10 in the confectionery bar at any time.

Extending the bessing of the chines new year continues to cooperate with fuhong and casa de peliseo sam meng chi from of the association of persons with maco’s maco lacks, to prepare bags wishes for guests of hotels that stop in mgm macau or mgm cotai during the first three days of chinese new year.

Source: official site mgm china holdings

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