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April 19, 2022
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For the first time after 2013, the wife of the legendary pilot «formula 1» michael schumacher gave an interview in which he told about the family and the desire of her husband. Before that, she refused any comments, and all the information came from the representative of the family. Read more in material.

Mikhael Schumacher's wife told about the request of her husband

Corina schumacher protects the mystery of her husband’s health

2013 has become black time in the world of motor racing. With a legend «formula 1» michael schumacher occurred an accident, which almost led to his death. After numerous operations, his life ceased to threaten the danger, but the pilot stayed for too long in a coma, and from the moment nothing specifically about his health is unknown. The racer himself was translated into his house in switzerland, where he was undergoing round-the-clock care, and all information about his condition came either from rumors or from those cast information that allowed to publish a family.

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Celebrating michael’s second @ f1 world championship title, on 22nd october 1995 at the pacific grand prix in aida. #teammichael am 22. Oktober 1995 holt sich michael seinen zweiten @ f1 wm-titel beim pazifik gp in aida. #keepfighting

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It became known that noise is no longer shed in the bed that he is looking at the grand prix, but it is not known whether he can say whether he moves home and in what specifically it is. From the last news – the secret visit of the german athlete to the parisian clinic, where, according to the press, he passed the procedure for transplanting stem cells.

More about the secret operation for transporting michael to the clinic and back we wrote in a separate material.

However, a few days ago, the world media reported that the wife of schumacher corina gave the first interview since the tragedy. This was written by british and german tabloids: daily mail, the sun, f1-insider, metro, bild and other. The interview itself was published in the magazine, which releases «mercedes» – she’s magazin. But the original of the text could not be found.

But from what other publications said, a few things became clear. Request for non-disclosure of information about the health of the rider comes from mikhael himself. She did not tell new details about his condition, only assured that he was in safe hands and the surrounding do everything possible to help him.

At the same time, the mystery of the state of the noise is so great that only the chosen get the opportunity to meet with german. So, the ex-manager of the pilot willy weber, who worked with him for two decades, never able to see michael after the tragedy.

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About the first trophy son schumacher miki, who performs in «formula 2», we wtrote in a special article.

Earlier it was reported that the state of schumacher improved.

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