Mikhail Kolyada Married, That’S Just Not Admitted To This

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March 21, 2022
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Part of the fans of the bronze medalist of the world championship and europe, mikhail kolyadov, can upset, because the figure skater married. This became known from «instagram» his bride. More details – in material.

Mikhail Kolyada married, that's just not admitted to this

Recently, mikhail kolyada was not very active in his social networks. It was a conscious choice of figure skateman. For example, an athlete deleted his page in «in contact with», and his last post dates back on may 19. In it, the athlete reports that during his absence in the internet space there have been many interesting events. In addition to the story of new music for numbers, the two-time champion of russia mentioned that he has a bride and they just returned from rest. But not a name, nor joint photography, mikhail provided, wishing, apparently, to keep secrecy.

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Hello! During the absence in the social.Networks in my life had a lot of interesting events. I would like to answer the main issues. To immediately clarify the situation about my personal life, i have a bride. We have just returned with a better rest in our lives! From monday preparations for the new season. Programs are set, music is approved. Arbitrary, as everyone already knows, will be chaplin, and short scorpions – wind of change. Health, thank god, no problems. And final news. I decided to minimize the time of hanging into social.Networks (deleted the page in vc, if there is something, know, it’s a fake????) peace for everyone!????✌

Publication from mikhail kolyada (@mikhail_kolyada) 19 may 2019 at 12:23 pdt

Olympic champion in figure skating alina zagitova told about his new program. You can read more about this in our material.

So there would be fans in ignorance, if on the darya beklemisheva page did not appear wedding photos with a collage in instagram. Interestingly, dasha, who is also a figure skater, also not updated the page for a very long time. Before the photo from the celebration, her last post dated 2017 year and was dedicated to her 20th anniversary. And in general, the athlete account is not particularly popular, only 600 subscribers.

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Publication from daria_beklemisheva (@daria_beklemisheva) 21 jul 2019 at 2:26 pdt

There are practically nothing about the relationship of the pair, but most likely they met before 2010. At that time, daria was engaged in single skating in the group valentina chebotareva (permanent coach of the strides). After that, the athlete passed into pair skating, three years old rolled back in russia with various partners, after which he passed under the hungarian flag. Now her partner is mark magyar.

Earlier, we reported that rick kihira returned to training and published video.

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