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April 25, 2022
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Edward torp opened a casino pandora drawer. Professor managed to get an advantage in blackjack due to counting cards. After that, he shared his knowledge in the book "become a dealer". As a result, in the second half of the 20th century, a whole army of bills appeared. And to increase your chances of winning, players began to unite into teams. Among them, a group of students from the massachusetts institute of technology.

Team namemit blackjack team
famous players bill kaplan, jay pi massab, john chang, mike apontay, bill rubin, jeffrey ma, semyon dukach, henry ho
active period 1980-1993


Mit blackjack team could not be born if several players did not accidentally meet the chinese restaurant. Unplanned meeting entailed 13 years of casino ruin.

Bill kaplan

Young promising student gets a bachelor’s degree in harvard, but decides for one year to postpone further training. Beginner account comes home to tell the mother about the desire to make money on gambling entertainment. A student is trying to prove with all their mights that it can stably beat the casino due to counting cards.

Bill kaplan – mit leader

In the conversation interfere with stepfather, challenging the student. If bill be able to beat it to the cards, then parents will close their eyes on a trip to las vegas. Every night for two weeks, a persistent struggle between the son and stepfather continued, until the latter recognized the defeat and did not capitulate.

In 1977, bill kaplan took $ 1,000 and for 9 months in las vegas turned them at $ 35,000.

Course of a young fighter

In 1979, two student from the massachusetts institute organized frames on the game of blackjack. Pupils offered to master the basic card counting strategies that allow you to get an advantage over the casino. In november, the first group of professional players was formed. With a total of $ 5,000, they went to atlantic city. New jersey gambling commission at the time banned not to start account. Instead, the casino had to come up with other ways of struggle.

For 8 months, a group of students increased capital to $ 20,000. Despite success, they acted disagree. Each member of the team played separately, so the could not be called a coordinated team.

Fatal crossroads

In may 1980, after returning from atlantic city, jay pi massar accidentally overheard the conversation of billy kaplan with other professional players in the cambridge restaurant. Student intereted the successes of one of the participants in the conversation and he decided to immediately introduce.

By this time, billy kaplan had already managed to create a successful team on blackjack in las vegas, but she began to gradually decay. Players due to burnout challenged new challenges and wanted to go to the international level. Most of the bills went to conquer europe, and the kaplan had the opportunity to start all over.

Ji pi massar managed to interest a more experiated colleague on the game. Bill went with students in atlantic city to watch them. He quickly noticed that each player holds its own strategies and makes mistakes. The group of students did not have a single approach, and the did not discuss their own misses, because of which the progrased too slowly.

Blackjack as a business

Mentor was ready to head a new team, but warned that now blackjack ceases to be a game and turns into a business. All participants must adhere to strict rules: regularly undergo training, keep accounting rates, report on their successes and failures. Some players were not ready for such control, but kaplan convinced them, promising greater earnings.

Manual team mit blackjack team officially started to act on august 1, 1980. The total bank of the group of 10 players at the start amounted to $ 89,000. Part of the money newly received company received from third-party investors.

Ten weeks, capital exceeded $ 170 thousand. For one hour, mit earned $ 162.Five. Investors promised a profit of $ 170 per hour, but the result for kaplan still turned out to be more than acceptable.

Expansion of the team

First, the players invited their friends, relatives and acquaintances. After started handing out leaflets in the massachusetts institute. Potential candidates were tested for mathematical abilities and memory and after provided free training.

The newcer remained to make the last step for the transition to the rates with real money – to go through the "test of fire". The final exam consisted of 8 deck games. If the candidate was not mistaken, he was given a part of money from the bank and sent to the casino along with other participants of the team.

In 1984, the number of players in mit increased to 35.


In the 1980s, counting cards was not considered innovation. Almost all us casinos knew about such a strategy. Due to the billing, additional conditions of the game were introduced: more often inspired cards, increased the number of decks and change the rules.

Professionals also did not stand still. New strategies added to counting cards: tracking aces when tested, command game, computers and t.D. Thanks to the new approaches, their advantage increased to 4%.

An impressive success brought the strategy "big player". Previously, al francesco was used, and later the basic principles described ken uston. 3 people participated in the scheme: controller, observer and big player. The first made small rates at the table and led account. The observer studo aside and considered the card, and when required advantage was reached, the signal filed a large player. The latter sat down at the table and did a big bet.

Autonomous mechanism

Mit for sevel years managed to travel a large number of casinos, so students began to come again to many institutions. In 1984, bill kaplan could no longer personally observe the game of his wards. If the security noted the leader in the hall, she immediately began to look for the rest of the bill.

Bill kaplan went to the background, passing the brazda of the board massar, changu and rubin. Mit work was so debugged that the group could calmly play without a leader. Kaplan continued to maintain accounts, but already as an investor.

By 1989, mit was intereted in 22 depositors – the promised an income from 4 to 300% per year. For 10 years of work on behalf of the group, about 70 players operated. Yesterday’s students in one night turned into vip pons. Mit beginners often fell into the best hotel rooms and were content with free dinners and other special services.

Mike apotay shared his experience with representatives of institutions. Asian always told that he was born in a rich family. He grew up so spoiled that parents sent him to the united states in his homeland. Such was his story. Then casino employees did not suspect thoat $ 100 thouusand. Cash t-shirt dali private investors.

Mike apoonte rejoices in his career, while most players prefer to remain anonymous

Account – criminal for casino

Casino security service improved his skills to capture accounts. Once, employees approacted aponess words:

"Mike, management decided that you can play any game, except blackjack".

But not always the bills forgot their winnings. One day one of the team members took $ 30,000 and together with his wife went to the bahamas to make money on local casinos. His spouse at that moment was also as part of mit.

A couple of days a couple successfully beat dealers while the staff did not start suspecting them in counting cards. Police immediately sport arrest, seizing all the money. Accounts lost not only winnings, but also equity.

New horizons

Due to unpleasant stories and problems with the law part of the leaders did not plan to throw a profitable business. In 1992, foxwoods casino opened in connecticut. Later, the institution turned into a training platform for new accounts.

Bill kaplan, jay pi mass and john chang in 1992 founded strategic investments. Through it, the bills attracted millions of dollars for rates in the casino. Mit required less than 2 years to increase the composition of up to 80 players. About 30 people at the same time made rates in las vegas casino, atlantic city, canada and the closest islands.

The organizers of the scheme were not afraid that part of the players would hit the blacklist. Now new members were recruited not only from the eastern, but also the west coast of the united states. Former team player sarah mccord even moved to california to organize training for potential accounts.

December 31, 1993 strategic investments paid money to depositors and stopped working.


In the 1994th, the tracks of the players were divided – mit split into two groups. Part of the former members began to share experiencees and produce books about blackjack.

"Everyone knows the golden rle – it im impossible to defeat the casino in the long run. But this is exactly what we were able to implement ". Mike apotay.

The story of mit quickly became the public domain and formed the basis of several film. In the film "21" bill kaplanu got an episodic role. On the screen you can also notice two other players: henry ho and jeffrey ma.

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