Mma Against Morrristern: Rapper Struck Back And Urged To Stop Promoting Violence

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August 1, 2022
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Russian mma fighters against morgettern because of his creativity, which teaches children bad. Rapper did not and further dismissed and prepared opponents the answer – he is ready for the fight, and also wants the prohibition of mma. Read the latest sports news on our site.

MMA AGAINST MORRRISTERN: Rapper struck back and urged to stop promoting violence

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Morgenishtern and mma fighters continue to war because of the creativity of rapper and his ban

Among the representatives of the domestic mma, there were a lot of opponents of creativity of the very popular raper morgen shelchtern after alexander schemenko expressed his opinion about him in a fairly tough form. Then mma mma fighter spent a lot of things, but the main message was that the musician does not affect the children and sings about non-disabilities. The position of the colleagues accounted for many other fighters: for example, vyacheslav vasilevsky considers morgen bugaghom, and denis lebedev – sacking society.

Morgen shectery has long enough. But this is not quite similar to what he was afraid, here, rather, the musician was waiting for the moment would be a good time to say his word. The response of the morgen shectery became a call to ban mma due to the bad effect on children, since the allegedly look at the fighters, and then go to each other.

Alexander schemenko remained faithful to himself and quickly respondd to the brave statement of the musician. The words of rapper, who allegedly says of rapper, who allegedly says also pointed out that morgenstern everywhere goes with protection due to to fear.

«He wants to ban mma, because it will be easier for him to promote his morbing marginal values ​​want mma fighters», – persons schemenko.

But morgenstern also did not retreat and stopped ignoring the topic of discontent of fighters and other athletes his work. Recently, the musician came to the yutiub show of his colleague basta, in which he answered various questions from the hall. One of those present asked, for which morgen sherth would agree to reach the fight against alexander schemenko, as well as in which round the fighter will win him.

Rapper though did not recognize the name of the named fighter, but answered the question. The question was 20 million dollars, as it will not be sorry for this amount «get on the head». But on this topic with the fighters did not close. Morgenstern said that if you follow my children normally, then you don’t have to accuse his creativity in problems with upbringing.

Morgettern and MMA Fighters Continue to War

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By the way, schemenko has already reacted to «call». The fighter is convinced that no one will give raper for such money for the fight, calling it a flawed and weak. Following schemenko, nikolay valuev and even vitaly milonov. The first called the situation by haip, and the second expressed confidence that morgettern will overcome in octave any nine-year-old dagestan.

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