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January 12, 2022
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Casino operator in macau sands china ltd reported that in mainland china its official applications for mobile devices containing information about non player aspects of the company’s business work stably.

Mobile App Sands China Ltd Is Still Available in China

In a statement of december 28, published by china’s cyberspace management, the regulatory body responsible for monitoring internet content reported that the application called macao sands in china a among the 3469 designed to remove from apps available on the mainland. Recently, the organization statedt that he will remove mobile applications that promote gambling, as well as those in which sexual subtext is present, or related to fraud or the alarms of devices.

In the management comments of december 28, it is not sands application can be macao sands application can bee by oter parties – shoping brands sands china.

However, the casino company commented:

«Sands china confirms that all our official mobile applications are still available and function normally from china. Our applications and websites strictly crespond to chinese laws and rules».

Mobile application called sands resorts macao, which was developed by sands china, allows users to book rooms in macau, as well as check ratings and client bonuses and browse promotional offers.

Most casino operators in administrative mrayaion, including sands china, also have at least one chinese application account for sharing social messages wechat, allowing users to view offers companies that are not related to games, news about events and book rooms in hotels.

Recall: in september, sands china ltd has organized a fund for assistance to victims from a natural disaster that occurred in the southern part of china in august 2017.

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