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July 21, 2022
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Payment posts of russians who play online casino in the russian federation could pass through two latvian banks. How the scheme was arranged on the conclusion of offshore operators, read further. Where in russia you can play a casino, read the link.

Money Illegal in Russia Online Casino Could Pass Through Latvia

Two banks of latvia could be involved in servicing illegal russian online casinos. This is evidtenced by the investigation conducted by the russian broadcasting program ltv7 «private bussiness» together with «new newspaper – baltia», writes lsm.Lv.

Some personal experience, after which the experts managed to determine all the links of the chain of the illegal scheme on the conclusion of players’ money.

According to the investigation, the money player who makes bets in russia, go from a bank card to the electronic wallet of royalpay (riga, latvia). According to other banks, riga also appeared.

According to lursoft enterprises, royalpay is registered in latvia, its address coincides with the offshore money enrollments specified in bank statements.

The office of the latvian company is located in riga not far from the ministry of finance and public cash.

Thus, royalpay is one of the intermedias between online casinos and banks of latvia. Ltv7’s interview in the company refused, referring to the lack of management, which at the time of treatment was in russia. As a result, the publication sent a written request to email royalpay. Note, royalpay is only an intermediate in the scheme, passing through which the money is credited to two latvian bank – rietumu and latvijas pasta banka, as followows from bank statements.

According to the chame lursoft, the beneficiary is sergey kondratenko, who previously lived in russia and now is in cyprus.

In the publication, it is noted that the control of such operations in europe and the united states passes instantly – visa and mastercard payment systems for sevel days calculate such transactions and the perpetrators are punished. In russia, the same payment services do not notice such schemes for years.

Listing the money of the offshore casino operators from the russian federation to latvia will not work in any way, as any transactions related to gambling business are held under a special code – 7995. In the russian federation, gambling is prohibited, so this code is completely blocked here.

Control of Such Operations In Europe and the United States Passes Instantly

However, the offenders came up with how to cope with this bad luck – just change the code. For example, to make a payment on account of the online store trading. Such a transaction is called a mycody and is illegal.

In banks, the conduct of such schemes deny. In particular, in latvijas pasta banka they replied that the would not serve illegal casinos and comply with all the standars. Rietumu banka’s answer was about the same.

However, according to pavel vrublevsky, the latvian banking system was only about half a year ago, held seconds among other countries, which are payments for illegal operators in russia. Today, latvia lost its position in this ranking, dropping the third-fourth place.

Pavel vrublevsky added that we are talking about the market of $ 5 billion, the turnover of which due to the effective regulation of offshore casino continues to fall. But despite this, an expert assumes, all the same, this market reaches $ 1-1.5 billion per year.

Recall, the russian authorities a actively fighting offshore bookmakers and online casinos that are prohibited in the country. In particular, the bank of russia withdrew the license from a number of banks and prescribed fines of payment systems for servicing illegal casino and bookmakers.

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