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January 14, 2022
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In the current year, remittances carried out by russian citizens can start tracking.

Money Transfers Russians Will Start Tracking

The head of the state duma committee of anatoly aksakov and the depety chairman of the committee on safety and countering corruption anatoly election developed a draft relevant law.

Deputies prepared a number of amendments to the law «on counterting the legalization of income obtained by criminal, and the financial of terrorism». Thus, the russians will begin to monitor any money transfers, whether to replenish a mobile phone account, real estate transactions, postal transfers or insurance payments. Currently, the draft law is adopted for consideration in the state duma. The first reading will take place in march.

Now cellular operators will be obliged to inform representatives of rosfinmonitoring on the replenishment of the mobile operator’s account in the amount of more thoun. Rubles. «Post office» will report on translations exceeding 100 thousand. Rubles. Lottery winnings, buying precious metals and real estate costing more than 3 million rubles will also be supervised.

Bookmakers, pawnshops, leasing and other companies operating in cash will also report on major transactions.

In the event that the company ignores this requiement, the intruder will threaten the administrativive punishment. If the violations will be regular, the company can be withdrawn by a license to work.

In november last year, the problem of money laundering was discussed in belarus. In minsk, a meeting of the eurasian group to combat criminal laundering.

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