Moneymatrix Offered A New Personality Monitoring And Identification System

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March 9, 2022
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MoneyMatrix Offered A New Identification System

Moneymatrix announced the release of their new identity monitoring application. With the fight assistance of kyc and the fight assistance will help operators igaming significantly improve risk management processes.

Moneymatrix, a member of the everymatrix group, is a financial institution with the eu license and a certified provider of payment services 1 pci dss standard, providing payment processing in more than 100 countries.

Identity monitoring application will allow operators to make informed decisions, prevent abuse and monitor the kyc process and risk management. The automation of the process will significantly speed ​​up customer checks and analyzing fraud cases, optimize the accuracy of kyc procedures and reduce related operating expenses.

Samoil dolzhelan, ceo moneymatrix, comments:

"Moneymatrix covers extensive risk management processes and kyc necessary in any jurisdiction. The identity monitoring application uses all platform functions, including workpaces, automation of processes, batch checks and real-time transaction data to improve performance. ".

"Moreover, with moneymatrix, as the key part of theater solution, customers will receive greater value on the market, especially in terms of segmentation and content configuration, which is important for the client market strategy.".

Moneymatrix provides comprehensive checks for large igaming operators, personal inspection based on artificial intelligence and kyc regulatory requirements, including additional services. The platform is easily servicing customers working in several jurisdictions, thanks to sevel microservice, such as an assessment of transactional risk, document verification, address confirmation, biometric data, pep and sanctions.

Source: moneymatrix official website

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