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July 15, 2022
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In the 20th century, gangsters were mainly engaged in gambins. One with the help of clubs washed money, others were looking for additional sources of profits. However, among the criminals there were also innious managers who promoted the industry. The capital of gambling is largely obliged by morris dalitz – not in vain it is often called mr. Las vegas.

Imamorris barney dalitz
date of birth deceptber 24, 1899
place of birth boston, usa
date of death august 31, 1989

The beginning of the way

Morris grew in the family of jews. His father worked in the laundry. Copying enough money, he was able to translate a family to michigan and open his own company – varsity laundry. As a child, i began to take an active part in business. Thanks to the work in the laundry, he met jimmy hoffe, who will play an important role in the future.

Becoming a little older, mo joins the famous grouping called cleveland syndicate. It consisted of other jews – thomas mcgynti, morris kleinman, louis rotkopf, sam tucker and charles police. Banda mainly engaged in a racket, but from 1919 began to industrial bootlegism.

"Honest american"

Cleveland syndicate has received a huge profit, transported whiskey to canada through great lakes. While business partners enjoyed money, mo was investing in different companies. In the 1930s, the list of his assets included:

  • Michigan industrial laundry co.
  • Pioneer linen supply co.
  • Reliance steel co.
  • Detroit steel co.
  • Milco sales.
  • Dalitz realty.
  • Berdene realty.
  • Liberty.
  • Ice cream co.

When a war began in cleveland between the bootlegars, morris was able to leave unscathed. The domestic market was not interested, because the canadians bought most of the alcohol.

In 1933, a dry law was canceled, and the first thing morris has invested money in illegal casino. Under its control, mound club, pettibone club, jungle inn, beverly hills club and lookout house. He became a noticeable businessman, but it did not prevent him from giving a duty homeland.

In the 1940s, the former gangster was delivered to the younger lieutenant

When the second world war is over, a campaign against illegal casino unfolded in the usa. Politicians and law enforcement agencies equated rates for social disaster. When the lawnists began to make a cloud of casino, morris did not fall in spirit and perceived everything with a proper sense of humor.

"How did i know that these gambling institutions were illegal? They had so many judges and politicians, because of what i decided that everything was in order with them ".

New horizons

The current situation forced morris to move to las vegas. For gambling, this place turned out to be a real mecca of that time. Here we were treated with due respect, and casino owners could not be afraid of. Then in the silver state gambling were legalized.

Together with this morris with curiosity watched the actions of his friend mera lansky in cuba. He also managed to invest in several gambling establishments on the republican island. However, most of the funds former gangster decided to concentrate on las vegas.

Dalitz together with sam tucker, thomas mcgynti and morris khamiman invested in the desert inn. The total area of ​​the casino in the 1950s amounted to 2400 kv. M. This turned out to be enough to get the status of the largest gambling establishment in nevada.

In 1967, morris dalitz sold the desert inn howard hughes for $ 13.2 million

Dalitz understood that the rates were not the only thing that interested guests las vegas. Among them, there were a lot of golf lovers. To attract even more attention to the developing gambling center of the united states, conducted a tournament of champions every year. The whole country paid attention to this event.

In 1995, mo was trusted to bring to mind stardust resort & casino. The construction of a casino started another booteleger tony cornero in 1954, but after a year he died. Despite the fact that the project has increased by a large number of lenders, construction had to stop in 1956 due to lack of financing. After 2 years most of the casino sold the wife of gangster john factor, but the moor remains at the helm. According to rumors, the profit was distributed between criminal groups in the midwest.

Morris dalitz (3rd right) together with stardust casino partners

In the 1960s, morris dalitz developed several leading casinos in las vegas. The city was opened for investment, so every criminal syndicate could establish his institution here. When disputes arose between the gangs, morris dalitz performed as the main arbitration judge.

For the development of the region, the former gangster invests money not only in the casino. Thanks to his support, las vegas conference center appeared. In the 1960s there were star boxing fights. November 22, 1965 was a fight between mohammed ali and floyd patterson.

Since the opening in 1959 and until 1985, more than 7,000 congresses took place in the conference center. Later, mo will name the construction of this building with its main achievement in life.

Gangster worthout arrests

Morris dalitz always attracted the attention of the media, which he extremely reluctantly gave an interview. Journalists trid to learn as much as possible about his past, interested in starting capital. The authorities also could not dismount to such an influential person in las vegas.

In 1951, in the framework of the hearings of kefovera, morris dalitz had to speak and the barris. On question of illegal alcohol trade, the former gangster replied frankly:

"Well, i did not inherit any money, senator … If you, people, did not drink, i would not be smuggling.

Just for the life of gangster received two charges. For the first time he was trying to arrest for boothheral in the 1930s, and the second – in 1965 for non-payment of taxes. Ultimately, both accusations rejected.

All this time, rumors had rumors about the close connections of mo with jimmy hoffe, who was a fairly influential trade union leader. Thanks to her old friend, the former gangster easily received the necessary land or loan for construction. In 1975, the trade union leader disappeared uner mysterious circumstances. He could kill mafiosi because he knew too many secrets.


Morris dalitz was one of those gangsters, which almost managed to be cleaned of the dark past. He did not hide his wealth, so i did wort dot. His influence on the city of sins can be assessed so far. For example, the sundance hotel casino casino works today, but already as the d las vegas.

In 1982, forbes estimated the state of morris dalitz at $ 110 million.

Mo showed the initiative and in other projects. With it, university of nevada was opened. Former gangster first invested $ 1000, and later helped to collect $ 100 thousand for the construction of a football field.

With its support, a loan was issued $ 1 million to build sunrise hospital. In 1976, the american oncological research center assigned dalitz the title – humanitarian worker of the year.

In 1982, mo received a premium "torch of freedom" from the anti-diffamation league.

In 1979, the moe dalitz charitable remainder unitrust foundation appeared in size $ 1 million. August 31, 1989 morris died due to heart failure and chronic hypertension. Former district prosecutors clark rex bell and sheriff ralph lamb, john moran and mayor las vegas ron lurie, were seen at the funeral. 10 years after the death of philanthrop, 14 non-profit organizations were divided by $ 1.3 million from its foundation.

The grave of mo dalitz is located in las vegas in the palm eastern mortuary & cemetery cemetery

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