Mozilla And Ubisoft Collaborate As Part Of Creating A New Coding System

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January 27, 2022
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Ubisoft and mozilla, firefox web browser developer, are combined to design an ai encoding tool called clever-commit ai coding assistant.

Mozilla and Ubisoft Collaborate As Part of Creating A New Coding System

The partnership was concluded for three years and involves when developing clever-commit, the exchange of ideas, methodologies and tools between the two companies.

«Work on clever-commit with mozilla allows us to support other programming languages ​​and improve overall technology performance, – said mathieu nairollles, software architect, data specialist and member of the ubisoft montreal technological group. – the use of technology at the same time in the browser, and in games allows you to save time. Astead of correcting errors, developers are engraged in the introduction of new features. Ultimately, this allows you to improve the quality of our product».

The new ubisoft technology group technology will automatically evaluate the change of code, display errors and correct them based on changes and corrections already implemented. The use of clever-commit both in the development of games and in improving firefox will allow deeper to learn the programming languages ​​and expand knowledge of the ai toolkit.

Clever-commit was first introduced last year as a prototype (commit-assistant) ubisoft la forge, a ubisoft montreal research unit, which works with academic institutions in collaboration with university concordia.

To improve the quality of the ubisoft game, the clever-commit tool eliminates errors and saves time. What, in turn, improves the overall quality of the product and the frequency of release of new games. To date, the program can determine whether there is a problem with an accuracy of up to 70%.

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