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September 7, 2022
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The slot machine industry does not stand stll and is constantly improving. Providers add 3d graphics, animated characters, non-standard bonuses, additional levels and memorable audio tracks. One of the bright innovations – multiplayer slots. They can simultaneously play several visitors online casinos.

What is multiplayer slot machines?

Multiplayer slots are automatons that can be played not alone, but in the company of other visitors online casino. Users can negotiate in advance, run a special "virtual multiplayer room" and at the same time "sit down" for the same device. Everyone will see not only their rotating drums, but also other team members.

Playboy multiplayer slot. Screens of other users in the background. Below is the online chat window

Each bets separately, the dropped symbols and combinations on the drums will differ, but the multiplayer mode will allow to divide the jackpot and all bonuses. For example, if one fell 3 and more scattsers that activate the prize level, then everyone will start a bonus game. However, further each for itself. One member of the team can take another way – no. Although in some games during the bonus level, the competition is maintained: users who have benefited more often or made large bets, receive advantage and more valuable prizes.

In one virtual room can be at the same time 5-6 people.

Start the slot everyone needs at one time. If users want to relax by their company, then they shld agree on a joint game in advance. Another option – to join unfamiliar visitors online casino.

Advantages of multiplayer slots

The main reasons why players choose such devices:

  • Elevated chance to play a bonus game. Even if only one member of the team is lucky, then the chance to disrupt a large kush will appear at all.
  • Communication. In multiplayer slots there is a special chat for correspondence in real time. This option will allow you to just spend time with friends and get recommendations from more experienced players.
  • New impressions. Multiplayer slots – this is a great solution for players who enjoy standard devices.

On gaming mechanics they do not differ from ordinary. The same drums, rates, bonus options. Theraefore, to master such games will be simply even a newcomer in the world of virtual gambling.

Example of the implementation of the principle of multiple

Fishing with buddies is the first multiplayer game from the playtech provider, which will send users to fishing. Scheme: 5×3, 20 lines. Slot attracts scatter, weldom and two-stage bonus level. 5 users can participate at the same time.

First, the player chooses a bear who will be his avatar.

Slot fishing with buddies. Bear fisherman choice

Before the player, not only his drums will appear, but also small screens with machine guns of other users. He will be able to watch them scrolls in real time. In the upper right corner will be located online chat, down – the familiar function buttons (start, info, bet and so on).

Special attention should be paid to bears, which are fishing at the top of the screen. First, the bait from everyone is on the sam level, buts bets, its hook is lowered deeper. The larger the amount, the notice of immersion.

The location of the hook will be important during the bonus game.

Floats from bears are located at different levels

As soon as one of the players gathered on drums from 3 scatters, a bonus level will be launched with bears.

Bonus level in the figure fishing with buddies

The screen will float a variety of fish. Swallowing the hook, they will explode and turn into cash prizes. Small and cheap fish float on shallow water, in depth – big and expensive. So users whive put large amounts before will receive more generous prizes.

Three of the five participants who will win the most, go to the second stage of the bonus level.

The second stage of the bonus level

The winners of the past round can release their catch and get additional cash payments for it.

To emphasize the competitive effect again, the provider after the end of the bonus level shows a screensaver with a team participants rating.

Table winners after bonus level

Aftert that, users return to conventional rates.

What providers produce such gambling

One of the pioneers in the world of multiplayer virtual slots was microgaming. On her account is about a dozen similar games. This provider was able to adapt its popular machines for a new format, allowing visitors to enjoy familiar topics.

The next company, which also decided to create multicotes, is playtech. She has already developed 2 popular multiplayer games with non-standard plots.

Examples of slots with multiplayer regime

The most popular multiplayer slot machines:

  • Terminator 2. Slot from the cult provider microgaming based on the famous fantastic film james cameron bribes animated effects, bright picture and convenient functional. Scheme – 5×3. Number of lines – 243. The game has a scatter, wild and freespins.
  • Sure win. Bright video silver dedicated to jumps. Scheme: 5×3, 20 lines for rates. The high maximum winning machine has a scatter and free rotation.
  • Avalon. Adventure video stall transfers users to the world of knights, kings and irrelevant treasures. Scheme: 5×3, 20 lines for rates. Skatter and freebies make the game even more attractive.
  • Everybody’s jackpot. Non-standard progressive slot from playtech provider. Scheme: 3×3, 8 lines. To become a member of a multiplayer game, the client must put on the con power from 50 credits for the last 24 hours. When at least one user from the team tears the jackpot, the winnings get everything. 70% will get lucky, 15% will be equally distributed among the rest of the participants, and another 15% – between all in proportion to the size of their rates over the past 24 hours.

Slots can be found on the official websites of the licensed online casino: joycasino, omni, riobet and so on.

Gaming machine gunrocolism lines
terminator 2microgaming243
sure winmicrogamingtwenty
everybody’s jackpotplaytech8


Although multiplayer slot machines are a perspective direction while this type of entertainment is popular only in ground casinos. Providers creating a software for virtual sites, show careful interest in multilades and are not fully confident in their profitability. Therefore, now the game collection has less than 20 items.

Online casino is also not in a hurry massively acquire multiplayer machines.

After all, for users who want to compete, they already have a solution – tournaments. In addition, the currently existing multi-men boasts modern and highics.

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