Nagaland State Legalizes Online Skills Games

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February 16, 2022
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In the indian state of nagaland, a law was adopted, facilitating licensing sites with gambling, reports glaws.

Nagaland State Legalizes Online Skills Games

The draft law on banning gambling, as well as the dissemination and regulation of online skill games (skill games) from 2015 was authorized by the governor. The law allows any person, a company or a limited liability company, which are registered in india, have a holding and a controlling stake in india, to apply for the acquisition of a license to receive income by offering the skill game on its website or in any other online media. The license owner will also be able to earn on advertising or taking percentage of winning or a fixed fee for membership or download game.

«Mastery games» include all such activity in which the skill plays a big role than the case. The skill can be reflected in the choice of the method, which are made rates, as well as in choosing a team, analyzing the steps taken in the game, manifested by intelligence and t.D.

The law provides a fine of 20 rupees for participation in gambling activities. For a repeated violation, a sentence is provided in the form of imprisonment for a period of 6 months.

Allowed in accordance with the law games such as chess, sudoku, soliter, racing games, virtual cricket, virtual football, some games.

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