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April 8, 2022
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Gig and Nanocasino Became Partners in Relation to Gig Comply

Gaming innovation group inc. (gig) signed an agreement with nano casino to provide its marketing tool for compliance with gig comply.

The automated gig decision to comply with marketing requirements allows operators to scan web pages for maintenance, including links and "red code code" igaming. It works using the rules mechanism for analyzing real partner campaign images and provides operators advertising content that is used in promotions of their brands. This is a flexible tool that allows operators to set their own criteria and parameters of the checklist and can be adapted to meet the requirements of a particular market.

Gig comply will help nano casino maintain control over the compliance of marketing requirements, providing full compliance with the affiliated persons to their brand and the requirements of the responsible game.

Jonas warrer, managing director gig media, said:

"Now for operators more than ever, it im important to ensure the compliation of their marketing efforts to the the requiements of legistising standarts worldwide. We are proud to add nano casino to the list of our partners, and we are glad that the chose gig comply as their preferred partner to help them implement their marketing requirements strategy for 2021 ".

Daniel lylah, head of marketing department at nano casino, said:

"In nano casino, we strive to ensure not only the satisfaction of the players, but also to comply with various legislation applicable in every jurisdiction in which we we believe that our partnership we believe that us achieve a goal much mure efficiently and more effective.".

Source: gig official website

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