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June 3, 2022
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«Milan» after quarantine scored a good move, destroying «lazio», and then i «juventus». Will be able «rossoneri» continue your victory procession in the game against «napoli» – in our material.

Content: 1. «Napoli» – «milan»: personal meetings statistics2. Forecast for the match «napoli» – «milan»2.One. «Napoli» «milan» account and coefficients of bookmakers2.2. Bwin coefficients.Ru: 2.3. Bc coefficients «league rates»:

bk "league rates"

«Napoli» – «milan»: personal meetings statistics

Jennaro gattuso, legend «milan», picked up the club in a complex time. After a small enthusiasm club, the club was still unable to make a jump to the olymp of italian football, and «rhinoceros» left the team. Now he is headed «napoli», after the unexpected dismissal of another ex-mentor «milan», carlo anchelotti. From «neapolitans» he has already managed to win the italy cup, defeated in the final «juventus» maurizio sarry.

Now in front of him there is a difficult task – beat your former club and current competitor who scored a good move. «Milan» under the leadership of stefano, pioli entered this rage. First was defeated «lazio» on departure with a score of 3: 0 and then bit «juventus» – 4: 2. Following the match «napoli» – «milan» promises fans a serious logging.

We advise you to read our cambak «rossoneri» in the game against «juventus».

  • «Napoli» «milan»: personal meetings















This season, the team has already met, then the fight ended in a draw 1: 1. True, it is worth noting that now we appear two completely other clubs. And it’s not just that quarantine has seriously affected the physical form of football players. Business and in coaches. At the time of november «napoli headed anchelotti, and jampolo joined the pioli after dzhampolo’s dismissal.

On reasons for the dissisal of jampaolo can be read in our material.

Forecast for the match «napoli» – «milan»

But it’s all the story. Now clubs are suitable for a fight in good shape and a great mood. After the defeat from «atalants» fk «napoli» won bot of his match against «roma» and «jenoa» and do not intend to retreat. Moreover, between «neapolitans» and «devils» minimum difference in the tournament table («milan» looms just two points and in the case of victory will be held rivals and will be released for the sixth place). On positive setting «milan» we already wrote a little higher.

But victory «rossoneri» before matoli of vs milan should not be misleading. In both cases, the team is seriously lucky. I do not want to reject the merits of the milan team, it is noticeably progressing, trying to play high and intensive pressure, and also shows good physical training. However, this may not be enough. «Napoli» gattuso has no smaller wield qualities, and objectively the best composition. If players «juventus» allowed themselves to relax, then jennaro will not allow this.

In fights «napoli» – «milan» statistics in recent years on the side of the first. At least as for the championship. Last time «red-black» defeated their opponents in the distant 2014. All oter times the match either endanted in a draw, or the victory azzurri.

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«Napoli» «milan» account and coefficients of bookmakers

Believe statistics and bookmakers. Football forecast «napoli» – «milan» experts of the bc consists of the following: gattuzo wards – confident favorites meeting. According to experts, a draw in this game is more likely than the victory «devils». And there are several reasons for it. And one of the most important – «napoli» very strong in native walls, and even the lack of fans at the stadium does not prevent the club to confidently score glasses.

Bwin coefficients.Ru:

  • «Napoli» – 2.One;
  • «Milan» – 3.Five;
  • Draw – 3,25.

Bc coefficients «league rates»:

  • «Napoli» – 2,15;
  • «Milan» – 3.4;
  • Draw –3.Five.

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