National Student Celebration League Will Appear In Russia

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August 2, 2022
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The federation of computer sports stated that the appropriate league for student will be created. Creators, this organization is the succession of the all-russian celebrating student league. If you are intereted in developing cybersport in russia, read the approprite section on our website.

National Student Celebration League Will Appear in Russia

This writes a sports section of the publication «russian newspaper» with reference to the official website of the fks. According to the creation of the league and cooperation will benefit the industry of computer sports. He noted that existing cybersport disciplines intersect with the country’s main turnaments – championship and cup of russia.

A recent study conducted by nielsen sports, noted the increase in the number of russian cybersports – they were greater than 28% – 15.4 million people aged 13 years. Such associated with the active work of the the federation to attract young people and an increase in the role of the state in the development of cybersport.

Also one of the three-testing of the kemerovo region will be celebrated, will be a cyber ​​export tournament for such popular disciplines as dota 2, fifa 21, fortnite and others. Participation in the tournament is free and available for all regions of the russian federation, it is enough to register. Winners are waiting for cash prizes, the total amount of which is 300 thousand. Rubles. Final matches will be broadcast by sgl holding accompanied by commentators and studios of cybersport analysts.

The first matches on fortnite will begin on july 15, then 24 numbers players will comply in battles in dota 2 and hearthstone.

According to the latest data, the digital entertainment market in russia grew by 35% in 2020, reaching 163 billion rubles., the leader of the growth was mobile games (by 39%), in second place – personal computers (34%), in third place – consoles (20%).

Meanwhile, the development of cybersports in the regions is actively – recently, the authorities of the tambov region and the representatives of the fcc decided to hold a consignment forum.

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