Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Fired 1110 Employees From The Beginning Of 2021

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March 9, 2022
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Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise Fired 1110 Employees SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE YEAR

Brian parrish, the temporary director of navajo gaming, said that on december 30, 2020, the tribal tribe board and the gaming tribe management decided to dismiss more thank 1,000 employees. Of these, 773 are navajo. About 165 employees were invited to continue working, but with a salary reduction by. 97 departure statements were filed.

"We believe that this dismissal will strengthen the existing fears and will lead to a growing resignation due to the furting and recover from long-term closure.",

– said parrish.

For nine and a half months, the tribe casino were closed due to the restrictions of covid-19 and the requirements of public health. In november 2020, the council adopted the law allowing casino navajo to resume work by 50 percent, but president jonathan did not have a veto to resolution:

"We cannot put the profits above the health, security and life of our people. Revenues do not outweigh the precious lives of our elderly, children and casino employees »,

The navajo tribe invested $ 275 million in gambling business, and since then the enterprises returned 210 million dollars. Believing are exhausties for financing are exhausted, parrish noted that it makes sense to get an intermediate loan, which will extend the activities of the enterprise until the opening. The loan agreement must be approved and financed until the end of january 2021. Otherwise, the need for final closure.

 "If we were able to get additional financing, it would be perfect. Or some other grant from the council. Get a loan will not be easy, because our capacity is limited, and if necessary, repayment of the loan will cause additional pressure ",

– said parrish.

The wage protection program adopted by the tribe was invalid for the enterprises of gambling business, since the casino did not function. But if the tribe provides funding in accordance with the coronavirus assistance act, emergency and economic security, it can cover the costs that have already been incurred.

Representatives of the council herman daniels said the possibility of closing casino navajo, that this will not happen, because "we have our children who work on navajo gaming enterprise".

The chairman of the committee on budget and finance jamie henio noted that the closure of the casino strikes the navajo economy:

"The loan will not disappear, and the funds will return. And return with interest. We need to take care of the employees of navajo. We do not want to leave them in a quantity. Need to do everything in our power.

Source: navajo times official edition

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