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February 24, 2022
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Novye Pravila Po Dohodam Ot Kazino V Nebraske

In november, a new constitutional amendment was approved, which allowed to locate a casino on six licensed hippodromes of nebrash.

After the legalization of gambling and casino in nebrash, a new regulatory framework was developed, in which it was clarified how income will be used, but the regulation framework has not yet been developed until the end. Industries are needed regulatory acts that explain questions about sports rates.

This week, the legislative committee began a discussion of details on public hearings.

The initiator of this vote was ho-chunk. Which is now working on the opening of new casino in the state. It was also noted that the appearance of a casino will help provide new jobs for local residents of omaha and lincoln.

Senator from lincol insists on the adoption of a bill, which will oblige a part of the casino income to organize a super fair in lancaster. The staff of nebraska has been partially funded from the nebraska lotter. Now it is necessary to establish clearer rules regarding gambling in the state. Members of the committee on gambling have not yet taken operational measures in this area.

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